In Case You Missed It: Beckley Mayor Rappold & Councilwoman Sherrie Hunter Flip on Campaign Promise, Back “Men in Ladies’ Rooms”

Mayor Ron Rappold caved to LGBT pressure almost immediately after being elected. Such a quick flip must always call a politicians true motives into question.

Rappold and Hunter did in fact force the unconstitutional ordinance through last year and now Rappold thinks you should vote for him to be re-elected!!

NO WAY!! does he deserve to be re-elected.


Story originally posted in 2019:


Beckley is poised to allow men into ladies rooms after the Mayor and a councilwoman may have lied about their intentions before the 2016 election.

All City Council Members Contact Information Below

The mayor flipped his position just two weeks after being elected in part, by publicly stating his city did not need an ordinance elevating sexual behavior to the level of a civil right.

The Family Policy Council backed Councilwoman Sherrie Hunter in 2016 based exclusively on her commitment not to support this type of unconstitutional ordinance violating free speech and religious expression. It took her more than two years to flip. Both will now be targeted for replacement in the next election.

Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia said, “The level of dishonesty we have seen by these two individuals isn’t unprecedented by politicians. But if they think they will be able to continue on living their lives in Beckley without consequences to their standing in the community, then they are mistaken.”

Three Fairmont council members were voted out this past election after making a similar vote supporting this type of ordinance.


Now in early January 2019 the City of Beckley, WV will consider an unconstitutional change to their city Human Rights Ordinance. This ordinance on discrimination, would elevate homosexual behavior and the psychiatric diagnosis of gender-dysphoria, (commonly known as transgender,) to the same level of civil rights protections afforded African-Americans. This ordinance would legally punish any devout Christian, Orthodox Jew or Muslim, holding to a traditional belief on marriage, sexuality and biological sex, if they attempt to live out their religious beliefs at their place of business.


This would punish any business owner, realtor, church, broadcaster or any entity engaged in hiring and employment or the renting or sale of real estate. This effort by pro-LGBT activists on the city council is violates the First Amendment by forcing speech from citizens in business in Beckley. For example: If an employer refuses an employee’s request to ignore his or her biology, i.e. to refer to a male employee as a female etc., then the ordinance would allow the employee to sue the employer and take the business from the owner. Any landlords would be forced into massive changes in reporting and any rejected renters would become a massive legal liability for false discrimination lawsuits.


Also, under penalty of law, the ordinance would force women’s and girl’s intimate spaces, open to males. This includes restrooms, showers, pool dressing rooms and workplace changing areas. All Beckley public government facilities and private businesses as well as charities, like women’s shelters, would be forced to comply and therefore see increased threat of sexual assaults at their facilities.


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke

All City Council Members Contact Information Below

Contact these city council members and tell them to reject this violation of common sense, safety and community unity. 

Mayor: Rob Rappold — 304-256-1768

City Attorney William File III — 304-256-1768

Beckley likely to enact LGBTQ protections in early 2019