Martinsburg City Council Mocks Churches Votes Unanimously to Allow Males in Ladies’s Rooms

107_2014_supreme-court-gay-marriag-38201_c0-122-3000-1870_s561x327January 21, 2016. In Martinsburg, West Virginia each of the city council members made sure his voice was loud and clear that the churches’ opposition to their wrong-headed progressivism didn’t matter to them. More than 250 people gathered several months ago in a Martinsburg-area church to oppose the ordinance when it was first announced. But years of ignoring candidate character in city council races has now paid a painful dividend for area churches and businesses owned by the sincerely faithful. It’s only a matter of time now before the first fraudulent suits are filed or the first bathroom incident occurs with someones wife or daughter. Homosexual activists have shouted that their god is bigger than the god of the Christians in Martinsburg.

Martinsburg makes the seventh West Virginia City Council to vote along with the homosexual activists at Fairness West Virginia and allow males into ladies’ rooms or girl’s locker rooms. Those males who “identify” as female or non-binary or transitioning or two-spirit or any one of the dozens of possible gender-confused choices Facebook now allows will now have legal impunity. The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest and richest homosexual lobbying organization based in DC is behind these ordinances. They are primarily designed to crush anyone attempting to use their first amendment right to religious expression in the workplace. Take a look at the video here and you can get a better understanding of why they are pushing these dangerous ordinances. And here’s a link to a piece we did in 2014 that helps explain the state’s homosexual activists. Watch for an update coming soon. WV Gay Mafia Editorial