The future of MARRIAGE in America – and YOUR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM – are at stake…

Your gift now will protect your family AND religious freedom

Ruling 5-4, the U.S. Supreme Court says that same-sex marriage is now a “right.”

This historic court case is about much more than God’s design for marriage. It’s also about religious freedom. The Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of same-sex marriage will almost certainly open the door to an all-out assault on religious liberty — including YOURS.

That’s why we’re asking you to join CitizenLink to protect your family AND religious freedom by giving as generously as you can right now.




Why we can’t give up: a glimpse of the future

You can be sure that, with the momentum in their favor, the next step for those on the radical Left will be to further their attack on your beliefs and the religious freedom of millions of Americans. Especially those who hold unswervingly to biblical principles like God’s design for marriage—and live their lives according to those beliefs.

We saw a preview of what’s coming in Indiana recently, where the state’s new

Religious Freedom Restoration Act was gutted under withering pressure from the Left (and a mainstream media that deliberately misled the public), to remove protections for business owners who want to live and do business according to their beliefs.

Those who supported this reasonable measure of protection were vilified as haters and bigots. Why? Because we believe business owners should have the right to decline to participate in a same-sex ceremony based on their deeply held personal beliefs.

If marriage loses at the U.S. Supreme Court in June, we can expect more firestorms like we saw in Indiana…including a likely assault on West Virginia’s Religious Freedom bill as we attempt to get it passed in Charleston next January.

That’s why your gift to mobilize pro-family West Virginians AND protect religious freedom is so crucial.




The battle to defend marriage IS NOW the battle to defend YOUR religious freedom

We mustn’t lose sight of this: The Supreme Court’s upcoming decision on marriage and our constitutional right to religious freedom are closely linked. That’s because our view of marriage is based not just on what’s best for our society and America’s children, but on what God’s Word tells us.

And that’s why we must not lose any time — now or following the Court’s likely ruling — continuing to work with the General Assembly to advance laws that protect our right to exercise our beliefs in public, in our businesses, our churches, and our schools. We must defend our ability—and that of our children and grandchildren—to live according to our belief in God’s design for marriage.

This battle will not be easy. But it’s one you, and I, and all pro-family Americans are called to. We have to act. If we don’t, who will?

When you help now, every donation you make will help us equip pro-family West Virginians to support and protect our — YOUR — religious freedom.

Give now to protect your family AND religious freedom!

Through your prayers and financial support of The Family Policy Council of West Virginia today, you’ll stand alongside us on the front lines to protect your right to free religious expression. You’ll advance the strongest-possible religious freedom bills. And you’ll ensure your children and grandchildren grow up in a nation where they’re still free to live their lives and run their businesses according to their faith.

Please consider a generous gift. Help us protect you and your family. Help us protect your church and your business.

Thank you for standing for marriage and for religious freedom. And God bless you.