Majority Leader Amy Summers Gives Second Interview On Sex in A Month

Today Amy Summers, Republican Majority Leader of the West Virginia House, jumped at the chance to do her second interview in a month on the open sexual behaviors of state house members. The majority leader says a lawmaker’s viral video graphically describing a sex act is the latest indicator that no one takes Joe Jeffries seriously.

She told a reporter, “His TikTok presence, which is impossible to un-see and has offended people both inside and beyond the Capitol, has sealed the deal in making him truly ineffective in helping his constituents. What he may think is harmless joking in his free time many others see as crude, and unbecoming of an elected official, making him a person folks may not want to work with.”

Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council, said, “This is a pretty rich statement from Majority Leader Summers because among some of the conservative and faith-minded Republican house members, she has a reputation of being almost impossible to work with.”

Just a month ago she embraced Delegate Josh Higginbotham’s public video about his inappropriate homosexual behavior. (FYI he’s the son-of a wealthy Republican donor.) Today she quickly jumped on the House’s leadership bandwagon to condemn Delegate Joe Jefferies’ public video about inappropriate heterosexual behavior.

She celebrated the wealthy gay-identifying delegate who had been lying for years and communicating with anti-faith allies. But she labeled the admittedly, rough-around-the-edges, blue-collar delegate, as undesirable to work with? Whitt took issue with that statement and replied, “Majority Leader, be consistent in moralizing or be labeled not only difficult, but also a hypocrite. Better yet, best to leave the moralizing to us at the Council.”

It’s only ten months till the Republican primary. Jefferies will have to answer for his lack of personal discretion, if the voters even remember it next May. Voters these days have the attention span of a butterfly. However House leadership is not winning any Miss Congeniality awards among the conservative delegates. That’s the kind of liability that has legs and may stick with Summers into the primary. 

The revelation that she does not believe in many of the Republican Party’s traditional positions on marriage, homosexual behavior or preventing males from competing in girls sports will be news to many of her Grafton area supporters. But she was one of the only NO votes against the Religious Freedom Bill in 2016, And last March, she worked till the very last moment attempting to kill the #SaveGirlsSports Act.

Also during last session she messaged the Republican caucus through an insiders online app, not available to the public, that the Family Policy Council is a “radical organization”and “should be ignored.” However all communications related to official state business are subject to Freedom of Information Act requests and can be formally obtained by any member of the public. Friend and gay-identifying Delegate Higginbotham, joined in her efforts to discredit our faith-based charity. He recently said on air, “They’re not even a real organization.” 

We’re pretty sure that former West Virginia legislators and homosexual-rights activists, Senators Steven Skinner, Chris Walters and Mitch Carmichael, think we’re real. Our election efforts sent them home. 

Next spring the Republican voters will have another chance to choose their 100 state delegates. That includes the leadership positions like Summers’ and Higginbotham’s, as well as the rank and file delegates. If you are behind the Republican party’s slo-motion slide into embracing gay behavior, over the platform’s Biblically moral positions, that’s not going to sit will with faithful business owners. They wish to be free of unjust government persecution via LGBTQAI extortion. 

The Family Policy Council and our “radical” voter guide will let you know which politicians are faithful, which do dumb and embarrassing stuff and which are dangerously working to undermine our faith, family and freedom. 

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