Lies About Evangelicals Prolonging the Pandemic

The New York Times’ Accuses Evangelicals of Prolonging the Pandemic. Here’s Why It’s Wrong.

From The Daily Citizen:

This week, The New York Times published a lengthy 1,795-word article accusing Evangelicals of prolonging the COVID-19 pandemic due to vaccine hesitancy among the group.

The article begins by quoting three different Evangelicals who say they don’t plan on receiving the vaccine for a myriad of reasons, including concerns that the vaccine is closely tied to abortion, private revelations from God, and someone who believes the body can heal itself without the injection.

“The deeply held spiritual convictions or counterfactual arguments may vary,” The Times writes, “But across white evangelical America, reasons not to get vaccinated have spread as quickly as the virus that public health officials are hoping to overcome through herd immunity.”

The article goes on to cite a poll from the Pew Research Center which claims that 45% of white Evangelicals don’t plan on getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

“White evangelicals present unique challenges because of their complex web of moral, medical, and political objections,” The Times adds. “The challenge is further complicated by longstanding distrust between evangelicals and the scientific community.”