LGBT Extortionists Come Hard at Rep. McKinley, He Goes Hard Right Back at Them

Rep. McKinley Shows a Mountain of Courage in Scuffle

March 12, 2018 Click Photo for Full Story

Nothing probably annoys the Left more than knowing Congress is as conservative as ever. Two hundred forty-five of them picked up a True Blue award from FRC Action for voting with the family 100 percent of the time. West Virginia’s Rep. David McKinley (R-W.Va.) was one of them. And, despite the LGBT lobby’s best efforts, he couldn’t be prouder. Andrew Schneider, Executive Director of Fairness West Virginia, he state’s primary pro-homosexual activist group, called the Family Research Council a hate group. They urged McKinley to send the award back to them.

Normally Schneider is composed and plays his rhetoric low key so as not to draw too much attention to his group’s radical promotion of normalization of sex between men and sometimes male teens. But as we are seeing more and more from the left, the false veil of #LoveWins has given away to #LoveBullies. Any legislator that would dare continue to vote for natural marriage and traditional values like Rep. McKinley has done consistently, now must be attached to the false narrative of hate. (Click for More)