Lewisburg City Council Ignores Citizens, Mocks Legislature, Unanimously Votes For Males in Ladies’ Rooms

thumb_unnamed_1024 2 thumb_unnamed_1024The Lewisburg city council meeting ended after midnight last night early on Groundhog Day and the legal ramifications of their belligerent activism will surely cause that day to repeat itself in court. A self-righteous city council  guided by a well-funded activist group rammed sexual-identity politics into yet another small West Virginia town. The council voted to hand a punishing hammer to their LGBT allies with which those activists may use it to smash any businessperson who dares to disapprove of their sexual behavior.

At the end of an almost four-hour dog-and-pony show orchestrated by the Lewisburg City Council to meet the bare-minimum legal requirement for passing an ordinance, each member read a prepared speech. The mere fact that that each brought a prepared statement defending their vote against the will of the majority of their own citizens, demonstrates they had no intention of listening to the 400 plus people who came to the public hearing. They needn’t be bothered with the sincerely-held religious beliefs of the majority of Lewisburg’s best people. No the council members and the mayor and the city recorder and the city attorney all came well-prepared to demonstrate to the unwashed that their own elitist views concerning sexuality supersede any quaint pleas of the citizenry.

Each speech was filled with crocodile tears as council members feebly attempted to justify why they were better emotionally equipped to override the founding fathers and the authors of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Council Member after member faux-explained with either pseudo-theology or thinly-consealed loathing against their unenlightened, religious-zealot citizens, why their progressive vote should be heralded as new, improved loving dogma. Mayor Buchanan even offered a mea culpa apologizing to his homosexual supporters that remained near midnight because he had not yet mastered all the new pronouns that go along with the multiple gender identities now available.

Mayor Buchanan and the council have split in half, what was in 2011 called “the coolest little town in America.” Both figuratively and literally split.   Upon arriving in the parking lot on the campus of Lewisburg’s Osteopathic medical school, police required attendees to pick philosophical sides in order to even approach the building. Fifty yards away began two cattle-like, roped-off lines with a sign above each that read FOR or AGAINST. When a police officer was asked where does a person go if they are undecided, they were told you must pick a side. Once inside the segregation continued as the seating was tightly controlled and people ushered into a divided room, church folk here, gays there.

Actually split in half isn’t accurate. It’s more like the town is now split 4 to 1 against making sexual behavior a protected civil right and last night the attendance of citizens clearly demonstrated that. Approximately 400 people attended and about 90 supported the sexual orientation and gender identity ordinance. But more than 300 opposed, most wearing white t-shirts with a stop sign on the back with bold red letters that said NO MEN IN LADIES ROOMS. About 100 opponents stood in line for an hour before being turned away because of capacity. When asked if those people would be allowed in the room the mayor passed off the blame on the facilities’ limitations and once again offered no attempt to accommodate some Lewisburg citizens who were clearly opposed. Certainly no mea culpas offered to that group for making them stand in the cold for an hour with no updates then dismissing them.

Family Policy Council President Allen Whitt addressed the council during the public comments period and informed the panel that the ordinance was likely unconstitutional and would lead to litigation. He also asked if they were aware of proposed legislation at the state capitol called the West Virginia Commerce Improvement Act. The commerce bill would make one uniform, statewide nondiscrimination policy that matches federal and state law and prevents renegade city councils from adding new protected classes regardless of the qualifying criteria.

Prior to the unanimous vote one council member lamented that he wouldn’t want to be a part of a West Virginia where the state legislature would consider a bill that would take away his ability to force the citizens to act and behave in the manner in which he prefer they act. The audacity.

So now the faithful citizens of Lewisburg must live under tyranny and fear of unjust punishment by their city council or the state as they run their businesses and enter public restrooms in the city limits. The West Virginia State Fair held in the adjoining town of Fairley will surely be impacted as well.  Posters cautioning goers that both males and females may be encountered in public restrooms so be on the look out. Maybe a placard – If You See Something, Say Something would be appropriate.

Organized efforts to un-elect each member are already forming but the next election is almost two years away and Lewisburg must now suffer the consequences of their own city-election apathy. Less than 5% of the city’s residents that opposed this ordinance have voted in the passed two elections. Now activists who apparently barely tolerate people with sincerely held religious beliefs in the workplace inhabit the city council and removing them is not a quick fix.

The most readily available option for action would be a groundswell of support for the Commerce Improvement Act. The state senate will need to sponsor that legislation and you can send an email to those 34 senators Here. Time is of the essence. The 82nd Session of the West Virginia Legislature is already 25% complete for this year. And yesterday while in Lewisburg the Constitution was burning the state senate was busy passing an expansion of alcohol sales bill and introducing an “important” bill naming the Woodchuck as a game animal. Contact them HERE and tell them to sponsor and pass the Commerce Improvement Act and stop this bathroom nonsense by renegade city councils who are mocking them. The language of this short bill is below. Feel free to copy and paste the bill in your emails.

West Virginia Intrastate Commerce Improvement Act

This section shall be known and may be cited as the West Virginia Intrastate Commerce Improvement Act.

Section 2. Purpose. The purpose of the West Virginia Intrastate Commerce Improvement Act is to improve intrastate commerce by ensuring that businesses, organizations, and employers doing business in West Virginia are subject to uniform nondiscrimination laws and obligations, irrespective of the counties, municipalities, and other political subdivisions in which they are located or engage in business or commercial activity. Such uniform laws will benefit the businesses, organizations, and employers seeking to do business in our State and will attract new ones to our State.

Section 3. Prohibited conduct.

(a) No county, municipality, or other political subdivision may adopt or enforce a local law, ordinance, resolution, rule, or policy that creates a protected classification or prohibits discrimination on a basis not contained in state law.

(b) Any local law, ordinance, resolution, rule, or policy adopted before the operative date of this act that violates subsection (a) of this section, shall be null and void.

Section 4. Effective date. This act becomes operative upon its enactment.

Section 5. Severability. If any subsection or portion of this act is declared invalid, that declaration shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions.