The Boy Scouts Announce Bankruptcy: Should Serve As Example to Christian Colleges Considering Compromise with LGBT Activists

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Charleston, WV. The Boy Scouts of America, had survived more than 100 years. They persisted through two world wars, the Great Depression and even the Clinton era, but sadly they will likely finally fall. The Boy Scouts of America announced today that they are on the verge of collapse and are seeking bankruptcy protection. Their demise can be directly attributed to their embrace of a recent compromise with LGBTQ activists.

Thankfully has risen up as a faith-based alternative to the Boy Scouts of America. Thousands of scouts are abandoning  Boy Scouts of America for the new faith-based, Trail Life scouting program.

The tragic irony is, the free-fall of the Boy Scouts organization from American icon to bankruptcy, is directly related to the millions of dollars recently spent in legal fees, to manage LGBT related lawsuits and threats. LGBT activists outside the organization were legally demanding more access to young scouts, while simultaneously, scouts where being victimized by homosexual predators already within its local troops.

All-the-while, its leaders were gesticulating towards political correctness and agreeing to the compromise demands of the homosexual lobby. The staged compromises offered by the activists were never intended to make peace. They were just tools to eliminate an organization that dared still declare in 2018, that the terms “boy” and “girl” still exist.  Unfortunately, the good Scout leaders realized that much too late. (Click to read the related article on the Boy Scouts.)

Now a similar LGBTQ policy-compromise is being pushed. It’s designed to co-opt Christian colleges and universities, and eventually relegate them to the same fate of the Boy Scouts.

The Boy Scouts very existence was predicated on the natural differences represented by the words “boy” and “girl.” But in the new religion of tolerance for all things inclusive, but intolerance for anything exclusive, “boy” and “girl” are heretical terms to the LGBTQ activist’s ear. Therefore the Scouts had to be destroyed. – Allen Whitt, President, Family Policy Council of West Virginia.

So they were targeted by the Human Rights Campaign (America’s largest homosexual rights and economic extortion organization.) With brief, feigned resistance, the Scout’s corporate leaders caved to the very real threats of financial and public relations extortion. They willingly drank the self-destructive poison from the cup handed to them by the Human Rights Campaign and hoped they wouldn’t die.

They did.

The Boy Scouts simply believed in biology and campfires. So how much greater of a threat to LGBTQ orthodoxy are our institutions of higher Christian education?

Beware Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU), let the Boy Scouts serve as a warning to all city councils, school boards, business owners and especially to the The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE). Homosexual activists never have a traditional or faith-based organization’s best interest in mind when they come seeking compromise. –  Fairness for All, is just such a compromise. – Allen Whitt, President, Family Policy Council of West Virginia.

ATTENTION: CCCU, NAE, Fairness for All Is not About Fairness, It’s About Capitulation to LGBTQ Orthodoxy

The Family Policy Council of West Virginia and our allies across the country have learned that two national organizations are embracing a “religious freedom” policy compromise, called Fairness for All. This compromise is a threat to the very institutions those organizations represent, and will do irreparable harm to actual religious freedom protections. The National Association of Evangelicals and the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities are publicly backing this very bad compromise, which is reminiscent of the one offered to the Boy Scouts.

Among many awful things, this compromise demands capitulation from Christian colleges and universities holding to traditional values and biology, when determining the sex of their students. Also if the institution teaches — that in the beginning of creation, there was a man and a woman and a wedding in the Garden of Eden, then the compromise must include adjustments so as not to upset the delicate sensibilities of their LGBTQ students, faculty or employees.

This compromise, again, called Fairness for All, demands capitulation in various ways, always on Biblical-sexuality, specifically from Christian colleges and universities.

Accurate orthodoxy requires that Christian institutions teach — that at Christ’s return, he will be a Holy Bridegroom and the church will be a Bride of Saints. That is the ultimate, glorious, redemptive, pinnacle of Christianity, but it is represented exclusively by heterosexual wedding imagery. The deal being floated by LGBT activists and endorsed by these two historically Christian institutions, requires that such Biblical, heterosexual-exclusivity teachings, or practices, must be compromised in some way to appease the threat of anti-discrimination lawsuits.

LGBTQ activists and the deceiver who motivates them, demand capitulation on teachings that vividly depict holy man/woman union-exclusivity, because they know they cannot allow such God-reveling, spiritual imagery to remain untainted.

They can’t. It’s too powerful of a tool pointing the way to God’s truth.

In Genesis, a perfect man, a perfect woman wedded in a pure world, yet all was perverted by the sinful embrace of a deceptive pursuit. That deception was supposedly to correct a perceived unfairness from God.  Now there must be redemption represented by another spectacular, holy wedding in the sky. It is THE Gospel parable, powerfully illustrated in natural, compelling imagery, that demonstrates the beauty of our salvation made possible via wedding ourselves to Christ.

Therefore ultimately, all homosexual activism whether presented as economic extortion, legal threats or as proposed compromises on Biblical truth to keep the peace,  are ALWAYS about tearing out or distorting the core imagery used to represent Christian theology. That remains true even when it’s carefully cloaked in gentle-sounding policy like Fairness for All. – Allen Whitt, President, Family Policy Council of West Virginia.

Now is the time to contact your local Christian college and tell them to reject Fairness for All. This wrong-headed policy compromise will certainly take our institutions down the same pro-LGBT, destructive road, of the Boy Scouts. No parents paying tuition should send another dollar to a school that embraces this theologically-treacherous policy.  It ensconces sexually-sinful behavior into a legally protected class, while making dedicated Christians, Jews and even Muslims, who hold traditional beliefs, vulnerable to legal persecution.

God’s imagery of one biological man, united in holy, redeeming matrimony to one biological woman, is His simple roadmap guiding us to the simplicity of spiritual truth. But if LGBTQ activism can pervert sexual biology and warp the very definition of marriage, then that will confuse, if not totally ruin, the natural appeal of Christian marital imagery to future generations.

How much will that pro-LGBT ruin be amplified, if some or all of our Christian colleges embrace it!

What is the LGBT “community” offering Christian colleges in return for their capitulation on Biblical sexuality?

The compromise would provide little more than a limited exemption for their members, from some of the threatened economic extortion. But there are no exemptions for individual students nor protections for employees or faculty who reject LGBT orthodoxy and who wish to live and work according to Biblical instruction on sexuality.

This proposed policy “deal” by a few university presidents, claiming to “preserve” religious freedoms, would in some cases actually undermine good state law already providing for religious freedom protections for all the citizens living in the same state as the college. It’s a myopic, selfish compromise that should be rejected outright.

Below are the contact methods for the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) and The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE). Please contact them and tell them to reject Fairness for All. This proposed compromise is a horrible approach to public policy and is akin to doing the devil’s work for him.

  • It elevates LGBTQ sexual behavior up to a protected civil rights class, like being Jewish or African-American.
  • And it fails to protect faithful individual citizens against lawsuits and criminal fines, for publicly rejecting LGBTQ behavior as sinful.

Please contact these two orgs and urge them to reject Fairness for All as terrible policy.

If you pay tuition at any of their member institutions, then contact their presidents and threaten to end that relationship.

CLICK HERE to email the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities.

CLICK HERE to comment to the National Association of Evangelicals.

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