Labor Dept Considering Adding A Bunch More Genders? Seriously?

dol_gender_binary_rdPronouns may be basic grammar in school, but they’re anything but basic in Washington! If the latest proposal is any indication, the Obama administration has a lot to learn from elementary schools — where “he” and “she” is still properly taught. For how long, no one knows. At the Department of Labor, officials are trying to scrub the terms altogether, suggesting — for what may be the first time at a federal agency — that there are more than two genders.

Under a rule now being considered, the agency would include “more complete categories of the various groups protected under this [anti-discrimination policy] including persons of different sexes, to replace ‘both’ sexes and avoid binary terminology and be inclusive of individuals who may not identify as male or female.” Gender binary? Most Americans don’t even know what that means, let alone are concerned enough to lose any sleep over it.

But soon, they’ll be losing more than sleep. If the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act changes, they’ll be losing $4,000,000! That’s how much experts say this preposterousness will cost, once job centers are forced to update their materials. Yet, in the midst of crippling U.S. debt, this is “necessary,” argues Labor Secretary Thomas Perez (who also called the push to reject basic biology “an important benefit to society”). Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up! Unfortunately, it just highlights the level of absurdity this administration has stooped to—with the help of our hard-earned dollars.

This, coupled with the news that even the Olympic Committee is letting athletes decide their own gender, is causing many Americans to wonder what parallel universe we’re living in. Even people who wouldn’t necessarily call themselves social conservatives are feeling the whiplash of radical agendas like this one. “For eons,” bemoaned one Orlando Sentinel reporter, “men were men and women were women. If there was any question, the answer was easy enough to find. Now nothing is simple. All I know to do is beg the enlightened crowd to show the tolerance they so often demand of others. I want to join you. I really do. It’s just that… the world increasingly looks like a South Park episode…” And very few people are laughing.

Fortunately, there is something you can do about the Department of Labor’s insanity: speak up! The agency is leaving the rule open for public comment until March 28. Register your complaints by clicking here!