Kentucky Passes a Slew of Faith Protections in Their Legislative Session, WV Session A Big Disappointment

Kentucky’s 2019 General Assembly proudly defended faith, family and freedom. In comparison, West Virginia’s session was a big disappointment

Kentucky stopped expanded gambling AND saw these bills passed:
Heartbeat Abortion Ban (SB 9)
Abortion Prescription Reporting (SB 50)
Prohibiting Sex w/ Animals (SB 67)
Unborn Nondiscrimination Act (HB 5)
“In God We Trust” in Schools (HB 46)
Post Roe v. Wade Abortion Ban (HB 148)
Day of Prayer for Students (HB 166)
Campus Free Speech Act (HB 254)

While many of West Virginia’s Republicans in both the House and the Senate, voted to:

  • Expand gambling
  • Expand alcohols sales
  • Remove banking restrictions on the marijuana industry and allow the creation of a powerful WV pot lobby that will push for the legalization of recreational pot.
  • Failed to pass the Tim Tebow Bill that would give children the chance to play football or the trumpet at the local public school.
  • Attempted to Pass the “You Must Stay Gay Bill” in the state senate
  • Failed to pass the Pro-life Fetal-Heartbeat Bill
  • Failed to pass the Education Savings Account and Charter Schools bill
  • Failed to pass the Campus Carry bill that would prevent WVU or Marshall from expel a student for following the second amendment to the Constitution 

We are actively recruiting faithful West Virginian’s who hold a Christian world-view, to challenge for seats in both the Senate and House of Delegates. Contact us if you are interested or know of a good person who might be interested in holding office to represent your local district.