House’s Attempt to Reign In Governor’s Emergency Powers Fails

Early Republican Frustrations

Finishing the fourth week of the eight-week legislative session, it’s apparent that some corrective action will be necessary in the 2022 Republican primary. So far, conservative values are clearly not the driving force with select Republicans.

West Virginia voters gave Republicans supermajorities in both houses. But key votes aren’t going the way many Republican voters had hoped, and some are already antsy.

Those supermajorities should be making sweeping conservative changes to protect faith, family, and freedom by now.

Moreover, people expected their Republicans would reign in a power-hungry governor, elected first as a Democrat but now self-identifying as a Republican. Now voters are predictably frustrated by the lack of unity in the Republican caucus and its struggle to pass conservative bills. Primary voters’ expectations were unrealistic considering the moderate positions held by many of the Republicans they elected.

For example: Already, the one attempt to reign in the governor’s heavy-handed emergency powers has failed. Afterwards, Governor Jim Justice sent his muscle around to express his displeasure to every one of the 47 House delegates who voted for the amendment and “against him.”

Then the Republicans sided with that same governor to elevate the recently defeated former State Senate President, Mitch Carmichael, to a governor’s cabinet position. Carmichael is a notorious gay rights proponent and colluded with other activists to have the Religious Freedom Restoration Act turned into a gay rights bill so the Family Policy Council would have to urge a no vote on our own signature bill in the state Senate.