Homosexual Political Director for WV Kids Charity, Arrested for Embezzling $60K

One of West Virginia’s most liberal political charities, West Virginia Healthy Kids and Families Coalition, saw its Homosexual Political Director arrested this week for stealing more than $60,000 and sending it to a PayPal account owned by his gay lover. When we contacted Charleston Police about this case, they went out of their way to use the politically-correct word, “partner,” instead of the more accurate “gay” lover.

Police said Kimes was the coalition’s interim director from October 2017 to March 2018. Investigators said he linked the coalition’s MVB credit card to a PayPal account that was controlled by his partner. Coincidentally, PayPal was founded by homosexual activist, and billionaire, Peter Theil.

West Virginia Healthy Kids and Families Coalition, according to their web site, is partnered with Planned Parenthood and WV Free. Both are pro-abortion organizations and darlings of the Democrat Party.

Family Policy Council of West Virginia President Allen Whitt said, “Very odd partners for a “healthy kids” charity to have, because one thing that is certain about West Virginia Healthy Kids pro-abortion partners Planned Parenthood and WV Free. Usually, when those organizations touch children, the kids are certainly not healthy when they are done with them. 900 times a day in America, babies they touch are dead and in pieces.”

The Family Policy Council has been monitoring the growing inter-sectionalism that is the combining of homosexual activism, pro-abortion activism along with other leftist dogma. Conservatives should be alarmed. And any older conservative Democrats still left in West Virginia should finally realize, that this party no longer represents your values.

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