Higginbotham to be Interviewed About “Men in Ladies Room” Bill


Radio Host Dave Allen

Delegate Joshua Higginbotham (R -13, Putnam) will be on the Dave Allen Show tomorrow at 9:00 A.M. to try to defend his sponsorship of the defenseless “Men in Ladies Room” Bill. (Dave Allen shown in picture).

Higginbotham recently announced his sponsorship of The Fairness Act, which would add sexual preferences and preferred “gender identity” as protected civil classes. See our story about him here.

This bill is unnecessary as they are traits that anyone can simply opt out of at any moment, as evidenced by the multitudes of people who once lived these lifestyles but no longer do.

This bill would also be a violation of freedom of association, as it would force people to associate with those who they wish not to.

We need everyone who cares about the safety of women and girls to call in and demand answers from Higginbotham.

Delegate Joshua Higginbotham (R – Putnam 13)

Here are some suggested questions to ask:

  1. Why does Higginbotham believe that biological men should be able to take athletic opportunities away from girls? And why does he believe girl athletes should be forced to play against confused men?
  2. Why does Higginbotham believe grown men should be able to use the restroom next to little girls?
  3. Why does Higginbotham claim to be a conservative Christian, yet wants to force conservative Christian business owners to violate their conscious?

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