Help Us Defend Religious Liberty in WV – And Own a Piece of History!


Hi I’m Allen Whitt President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia, I’m wishing you and your family a very merry celebration of Jesus. We dedicate the 25th to celebrate his birth and give gifts to those who bring us joy and love.

God’s love is enough to cover everyone who repents of their sins. But one of my old bosses, Dr. James Dobson at Focus on the Family wrote a book, called Sometimes Love Must Be Tough. That title represents a lot of what our love looks like at the Family Policy Council.

In a traditional family, dad tends to be the head disciplinarian and brings Godly fear to children on the naughty list. Mom on the other hand is often the heart of the home wraps our Christmas presents and usually puts us on the nice list no matter what. Dad’s strength and discipline provide the safe framework and a fitting place for a mother’s love. But when do we ever see a 300lb football player yell “Hey Dad!” into the camera after he just made the play of his life. It’s always Hey Mom cause she’s perceived as the loving one even though his parents likely love him equally.

We here know what that feels like, when we encourage churches, members and Christian business owners to financially invest in us as a ministry. Often we’re the tough love necessary to protect religious freedom in our state. But a fundraising letter from us with a photo of a politician loses every time to a fundraising letter with a photo of a cute baby or an orphan in need.

We do a lot with just a little but that little from you still means an awful lot to us. For those you who feel as we do about restoring faith to the public square I make this heartfelt appeal:

If the Family Policy Council fails then most all other ministries to the homeless and babies and orphans will in time, go away in our state. So we’d be honored by your tax-deductible gift in December to help us continue to defend Chirstmas and all that it means.

Just click the donate button or you can mail us if you like. Will you help us first repair the wall of religious liberty so we can proudly celebrate Christmas all year everywhere in West Virginia?

And this year if you give to us then we have a gift for you.


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to have a piece of history as a family heirloom for making a generous donation.

The Family Policy Council of West Virginia has commissioned a special piece of photographic art to commemorate the historic election on November 4th. Titled “A Reflection of Values” this 24” x 30” framed art piece is a spectacular visual depiction of the power demonstrated when values voters proudly let their voices be heard. This original art formed on 100-yr photographic preservation material is being made available for a generous gift. To signify the eighty-three years in-between power shifts only eighty-three of these limited numbered prints will be created. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Anyone or any organization may receive one of the eighty-three commemorative pieces “A Reflection of Values” while inventory lasts. They’re available now and for delivery before Christmas when ordered by December 20th.

Visit to reserve yours today. Or call 304 756 8567 extension 103.

Remember he’s the reason for ALL the seasons,

Blessings to you and yours.