God Will Not Be Mocked – Adversary to Religious Freedom Senate President Mitch Carmichael Defeated

In a world full of turmoil it’s nice to get some good news. Republican State Senate President Mitch Carmichael was defeated in a remarkable upset in Tuesday’s primary election. Carmichael was the Family Policy Council’s number one target to remove this election.

Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council had a lot to say about Carmichael.

“It was beyond ridiculous that the WVGOP and other leaders in the Republican Party continued to stand behind this dishonest man. He lied to several state senators to win the president’s seat by a single vote in the internal Republican caucus. He promised chairmanships, then took them away after they voted him in as their leader.”

“Mitch Carmichael misled us in 2015 as we attempted to pass the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in West Virginia. When it passed in the House of Delegates 72-26 he sought me out to tell me, “We are gonna pass this bill.” But instead at the last minute, he turned it into a gay rights bill that would trump all religious freedoms. He did so in direct defiance of the party platform.”

Without the RFRA bill, rogue city councils are free to pass “men in ladies’ rooms” ordinances and fine business owners if they fail to embrace, homosexual practice, mannerisms and activism.

Then in the 2020 session a dozen pastors in his own district were lobbying him to abandon his pro-homosexual rights activism. He didn’t like that. So Senator Carmichael agreed to a private meeting with the pastors. But instead, he lured them into an ambush at the Capitol with 16 same-sex rights activists who mocked and berated them.”

God will not be mocked.

Newcomer Amy Grady pulled a major upset in an almost impossible three way race and defeated Carmichael. If long-time House member and conservative Jim Butler had not pulled 26% of the vote, Grady would have provided Carmichael an embarrassing shellacking.

The Family Policy Council endorsed Butler with his 100% score on the 2020 Family Policy Council Candidate Issues Survey. He had a proven record of defending faith, family and freedom while in office.

Early polling by the Family Policy Council showed Grady a distant third. Allen Whitt, President confided, I hoped she would drop out of the race so she didn’t divide the conservative vote and re-elect Carmichael. Thankfully she did not.

I texted her on election night to tell her I was never more happy to have polling data be proven wrong.  

She scored 90% on the 2020 Family Policy Council Candidate Issues Survey. It takes 100% to get the Family Policy Council’s endorsement but we will gladly celebrate with newly elected Republican State Senate District 4 nominee Amy Grady and support her in her fall election. She scored 90% on the 2020 Candidate Issues Survey.

NOTE: The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce has long been in bed with the state’s homosexual rights organizations on policy. They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars last minute in an attempt to save him when their polling showed that Carmichael was in trouble.

They failed.



Senate President Carmichael is defeated in GOP primary