Former “Republican” State Senator Walters Tears Into Other Republicans for Biblical View of Sexuality

In 2016 we informed the Charleston area voters about the outrageous pro-homosexual, anti-constitutional positions held by former “Republican” WV State Senator Chris Walters.

The voters then sent him home in favor of a Democrat Sunday-school teacher named Glenn Jefferies who at the time, put on a good show of holding Biblical views.

But even out of office Walters has continued his pro-homosexual activism by becoming the Treasurer of the board of directors for West Virginia’s pro-transgendered lobbying group, Fairness West VirginiaThis is the group that has been responsible for all those “Men in Ladies’ Rooms” ordinances around our state.

Walters himself appeared at the Parkersburg City Council in 2017 to personally support the pro-transgendered “Men in Ladies’ Rooms” ordinance. He ducked out in silence after the commonsense Parkersburg City Council correctly voted it down. Now Walters is rumored to be planning a return campaign in the Republican primary for the House of Delegates District 35 in  Charleston.

Chris Walters may have kicked off his campaign for the WV house of Delegates by publishing a condemnation of true Republicans in the Charleston Gazette-Mail.

In it he verbally assaults other Republicans who have recently spoken out against drag queen shows being held in public parks around West Virginia. Videos show that these have exposed children to rated R homosexual material. Some concerned mothers say these are grooming opportunities by older pedophilloic males to desensitize potential future child victims.

Walters states that when Republicans decry these displays of sexual perversion that it denies those groups a “right to public assembly.” Walters claims Christianity and sometimes attends RiverRidge Church in Charleston. But one of these annual public drag queen shows depicted a homosexualized version of the crucifixion of Jesus, performed to a crowd of lustful males. There are some indecent behaviors that most certainly should not be displayed publicly. Oh and no word yet from the drag organizers if they plan to expand the show to include a homosexualized version of Islam’s prophet, Mohammed.

We must ask if that exercise of the right to assemble bothers Walters? And if he’s embarrassed that West Virginia Republicans hold Biblical views on sexuality, we wonder if Walters also then supports the California legislature’s new ACR-99 Resolution that tells churches they shouldn’t hold those views either?

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Chris Walters’ brand of Republicanism should concern all voters who believe in protecting the innocence of children and the dignity of West Virginia. His op-ed piece in last week’s Gazette-Mail states that current Republican Senate President, Mitch Carmichael and other Republican senators agree with him. He’s right. And every single one of them needs to be bounced out of office on their keisters for jumping on an artificially created “civil rights”  bandwagon where its benefactors can simply choose to opt into the anti-discrimination money wagon.

Carmichael already has a strong primary opponent in 2020 because of his alliance with the anti-Christian, pro-homosexual lobby. Republican House Delegate Jim Butler has been a champion of religious freedom and protecting the innocence of children. He stands in positive contrast to both Walters and Carmichael’s anti-religious freedom, pro-Men in ladies rooms positions and that primary will be one to watch.

State Senator Michael Azinger got Walter’s LGBT dander up when he called the public PRIDE events shameful, in an op-ed piece that was recently published by the Parkersburg News Sentinel.  WVGOP Chairwoman Melody Potter offered her support in the comments of Azinger’s online editorial. CNN, NBC and other left-leaning “news” outlets picked up the editorial and were incredulous and stupefied that any elected official would dare still hold to Biblical values on sexuality.

Walters took to the friendly press (the Gazette-Mail endorsed him in his last failed election,) to declare his embarrassment of his fellow Republicans. He claimed that holding a world view that a marriage between one man and one woman and that little girls shouldn’t be exposed to naked males in their dressing room at Kolhs, doesn’t represent Republicans in West Virginia.

But just after Walters’ op-ed a brave writer who identifies as “gay,” said the same thing as Azinger’s piece, blistering the PRIDE events as shameful. Apparently not all homosexuals that Walters claims to be protecting, want his “protection.”

Brave citizens of all kinds agree that the vulgar public PRIDE events are not about protecting the housing and employment of “defenseless,” homosexual minorities. And according to that gay-identifying author, they are about pushing the totalitarian ideals of the Democratic Party. And even when the intentions are good, in this case it’s exploiting a group of confused people through a vehicle of misplaced compassion.

Those who engage in Walters’ type of activism, often lead many of those afflicted with dsyphoria and other sexual traumas, into depression and even self-harm. But then when self-harm happens the LGBT activists and allies like Walters try to heinously blame it on churches, Christians and organizations like the Family Policy Council. But new research calls out that disproven scapegoating. Read the study here: Scapegoating the Church for Suicide and Stigma

Walters’s brags about the pro-homosexual rights bills he sponsored when he was a senator. The WVGOP Party Platform, voted in by a majority of local West Virginia Republican party representatives, clearly states it does not support those types of anti-constitutional, anti-religious freedom bills.

Chris Walters has lost his way and for the protection of our children’s innocence, he doesn’t belong in public office. And he most certainly shouldn’t be allowed to represent or speak for West Virginia’s Republican Party. The primaries in House 35’s three-member district are next spring. Are there two more conservative Republican candidates in 35 besides Chris Pritt? Contact us:

Give today so The Family Policy Council of West Virginia can continue to inform you of which politicians in West Virginia promote Biblical values and which most certainly do not.