Former Billy Graham Writer to Lead Family Policy Council of West Virginia

Former Billy Graham Writer to Lead Family Policy Council of West Virginia

The Board of Directors of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia has formally named Allen Whitt as the new President of the state’s leading faith-based public policy organization. Whitt is a former media writer and consultant for Dr. Billy Graham. He also served as Assistant to the President for Dr. James Dobson while at the international radio ministry Focus on the Family. Whitt is returning home to Appalachia after winning several pro-life and pro-family legislative victories in his roll as the Director of Policy for the Montana Family Policy Council.

He is the successor to Jeremy Dys who pioneered the post for six years. Dys, now Senior Counsel for the Liberty Institute based in Dallas, TX, continues the fight for freedom by litigating cases to restore religious liberty according to the vision of the founding fathers.
Chairman of the Council’s Board of Directors Jim Larrita, said, “Opposition groups on the left have recently brought in new activist leaders and plan to raise millions to force anti-faith laws onto West Virginians. So we are very pleased to welcome someone with Allen Whitt’s leadership experience. We are confident that his history of rallying the faith community will help us advance our organization and win these crucial policy battles.”

Whitt said, “Several bills proposed for West Virginia’s 2014 legislative session intend to erode the right of religious expression for West Virginia’s families, churches and Christian-owned businesses. For example, we plan to vigorously oppose the Employer’s Non-Discrimination Act (also known as ENDA). This is the type of legislation driven by homosexual activists from Washington D.C. that will destroy religious rights in West Virginia. But I’m optimistic that our upcoming informational campaigns will inspire conservative West Virginians to stand against the ENDA bill and defend our right of religious freedom.”

During the last several legislative sessions the Family Policy Council of West Virginia has lead efforts to strengthen the state’s natural families. Those have included the promotion of pro-life and pro-family legislation as well as drafting a bill that would let the people vote to amend West Virginia’s constitution. That vote by West Virginia’s overwhelmingly conservative population would likely defend the definition marriage as exclusively between one man and one woman. Previous house and senate leaders in West Virginia’s legislature would not let any such marriage amendment bills come to the floor for a vote. In his new roll as President, Whitt hopes to change that.

The Family Policy Council faithfully influences West Virginia’s laws, lawmakers and state elections to defend the constitutional right of religious freedom for families and churches. Family Policy Council of West Virginia is affiliated with Focus on the Family and CitizenLink.