“Flatwoods Five” Courageously Stands Up and Passes No Men in Ladies’ Room Policy

Courage is not dead in neighboring Kentucky. Five members of the Flatwoods, KY City Council voted Saturday to properly restrict all of their public restrooms to single sex only. (It would have been 6-0 but councilman Ray Sloan failed to agree with the other five and chose just not to vote on record at all.) Therefore facilities use including bathrooms, showers, government buildings even the city parks and pool changing areas shall be designated by biological sex and not by someone’s whimsical self-identification on that particular day. Activists traveled into Flatwoods from all over to threaten the council with lawsuits if they passed this ordinance designed to protect women and children.

It is indeed likely that the ACLU, GLAAD and or the Human Rights Campaign will attempt litigation. Interestingly those groups have argued for the past several years that local city councils should have the right to pass local ordinances regarding bathrooms. Now their hypocrisy is about to be on display as they malign the courageous Flatwoods Five because they voted for privacy instead of political correctness. The assaults have already begun on these city council members and they will need support from all citizens with a common sense view on this issue. Now who will be courageous in West Virginia to stand up against this nonsense here? Nine of our cities have buckled already and Senators like Republicans Mitch Carmichael and Chris Walters are defending those decisions. Change needs to come in November in the senate and then city-by-city as those municipal elections happen in the future. View the news coverage HERE