Intern with The Family Policy Council of West Virginia


Learn how policy and laws are made while lending your enthusiasm to an organization on the frontlines of defending faith and freedom.

The Family Policy Council of West Virginia and our sister organization The Family Policy Institute, are uniquely positioned to train students for careers of influence.





Our internship is designed to prepare students who are passionate about public service and their faith; students who want to make a difference. At FPCWV, we believe that the Judeo-Christian worldview is foundational to a just, free and stable society.

Intern with the Family Policy Council and learn what it’s really like to be a rebel in a world losing it’s way.


We train inquisitive, eager, undergraduate and graduate students by:

  • Educating on policy issues which are core to FPCWV ‘s mission
  • Equipping interns for professional careers by providing practical, hands-on research, social media platform development, mass email development, lobbying strategy and administrative work experience, overseen by an FPCWV expert
  • Teaching courage in the face of opposition
  • Encouraging interns in the exploration of their own career paths


To apply for an internship with the FPCWV, please download our Internship Application (PDF document), complete the basic information, and e-mail with attachments as necessary to: info@familypolicywv.com, and a member of our staff will reply as soon as possible. We have internships that begin and end throughout the year so you may submit an application at any time.

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