Family Policy Council President Allen Whitt Files to Run for U.S. Senate

Our President Allen Whitt, formally filed today to challenge Republican Sen. Shelly Moore Capito in the May 12th primary election. The Family Policy Council organized more than 100 volunteers and made more than 32,000 voter survey calls that benefited Sen. Capito in 2014. But her voting record on several critical issues has been disappointing since she was elected.

One of the biggest was in 2017 when Sen. Capito refused to vote to enact President Trump’s campaign promise to repeal Obamacare, which contained millions of tax dollars for Planned Parenthood. Then she wouldn’t publicly state her position on the second option, to repeal and replace Obamacare.

After weeks of trying to lobby the senator, both the Family Policy Council and West Virginians for Life, issued a joint press release stating if Sen. Capito failed again to vote for the repeal and replace bill in the U.S. Senate, then all options would have to be on the table for the 2020 primary.

Since Senator John McCain infamously killed the bill. And he likely signaled that to Sen. Capito’s liberal faction. So her inconsequential Yes vote provided convenient political cover. But not enough to avoid a primary challenge.

The Family Policy Council monitors all our federal office holders but most voters are unaware that Sen. Capito holds the following liberal policy positions and ranking:

  • Sen. Capito is a defender of Roe vs. Wade
  • A defender of same-sex marriage
  • And says red flag gun laws “make a lot of sense” to her.
  • Sen. Capito is currently ranked 51st out of 53 Republicans on conservative value votes

Allen Whitt said, I’m running to give voters who disagree with those dangerous anti-family, anti-freedom policy positions, another option in the May 12th primary.”

The Family Policy Council will issue our Candidate Survey and WV Faith Policy Voter Guide in April so voters may know the positions of all Federal and WV state candidates before the May 12th primary.

President Allen Whitt flanked by supporters at the Secretary of State.