Family Policy Council Asks WVCDL to Reconsider Lobbying Against President Trump’s Nominee

We don’t often repost things from citizens that we don’t know personally. And rarely will we comment on other pro-Constitution advocacy groups and their efforts, unless they run counter to our efforts.
But a Facebook post by Jeff Kimble is exceptionally well-written and encapsulates why single-issue advocacy organizations defending life and guns, can add some good to our efforts to defend the Constitution, but only limited good.
Jeff Kimble‘s post below should be read. It’s related to announced lobbying efforts by the pro-gun lobby known as the West Virginia Civil Defense League (WVCDL).
West Virginia Civil Defense League’s announced recent opposition to the confirmation of President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court. On August 2nd WVCDL posted their intentions to lobby against the confirmation of Appellate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. It appears they are doing so based on a principled but currently unattainable and purest approach. They have a stated organizational purpose to regain Second Amendment rights that have been eroded by the courts. And they have chosen to make stand to that end by opposing Justice Kavanaugh.
West Virginia Civil Defense League is an effective lobbying group and they demand respect among the Mountain State’s politicians. And prior to this announced effort to lobby against Justice Kavanaguh, we haven’t seen any work by them that would result in anti-Family outcomes.
But the Family Policy Council is part of a large pro-Constituion coalition lobbying for the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh. We must publicly disagree with WVCDL’s narrow sampling of opinions upon which they have staked their position to oppose his confirmation.
For comparison we have scored Justice Brett Kavanaugh at an 85 for conservative appellate court opinions. Compare that to Justice Scalia at 97, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg at 0 and retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy at a 60. Without a single Republican senate vote to spare we do not believe that any justice with a conservative rating of more than 85 could survive the confirmation process before the midterms.
The Family Policy Council of West Virginia advocates for group synergy within conservative pro-Constitutional lobbying whenever possible. We desire successful cooperation among constitutional groups that can obtain mutually-shared overarching conservative goals.
The left has mastered the philosophy of inter-sectionalism. This is the practice where their many single-issue advocacy groups, pro-abortion, anti-gun, PETA socialists etc., work together combining their volunteers and energy, even if all the members don’t share the passion of one-another’s single-issue advocacy causes. It’s why they have been killing our duplicative efforts for several years.
In a similar strategy, it’s time conservative advocacy groups choose to work together for the defense of the entire Constitution. We can each fall on our individual swords of principle and we all die and the war is lost. Some principled stands by individual groups may at times serve as a temporary hindrance to overarching constitutional defense necessity. It’s painful when we must stay silent on a candidate that we know lives a salacious life in opposition to our principles but is very likely to vote for our pro-faith, pro-family bills. Politics is messy, we are not working in a perfect environment. We must strive for the greatest good for all.
The FPCWV doesn’t engage in Second Amendment (gun) legislation even-though all of our staff members are gun owners and shooters and believers in the defense of the Second Amendment. We focus on the First Amendment and in the end the Second Amendment defends the First Amendment. So the right to bear arms MUST be defended.
But we encourage West Virginian’s Civil Defense League to reconsider their intentions to oppose the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh and engage with us and other constitutionalists, in a mutually-beneficial, longer-term, pro-Constitution group strategy to protect ALL of our freedoms.
Allen Whitt
Family Policy Council of West Virginia