Today Department of Justice Sided with the Cake Baker and Against Proposed Fairmont Ordinance

Breaking News! The Department of Justice just sided with the Colorado cake baker and against the proposed Fairmont ordinance, and against the other nine cities’ ordinances in West Virginia that allow men into ladies’ rooms!!!

In a surprise legal brief in defense of the First Amendment rights of Jack Phillips, a private business owner, President Trumps Department of Justice filed legal document arguing that the Supreme Court in November, must find in favor of freedom of speech.

This may be considered a signal that the Justice Department will not pursue similar cases when local and state ordinances, almost exclusively the ones that have added sexual orientation and gender identity, are attempting to force unconstitutional restrictions onto business owners. The very good news for West Virginia is that is virtually signals that such ordinances are unenforceable. It would be foolhardy for any additional cities to push forward with similar ordinances now.

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