Mayor of Fairmont Admits Petition Drive to Force Repeal Vote of “Men in Ladies’ Rooms” Ordinance Succeeded

The Fairmont mayor’s commentary in a recent Times West Virginian story clearly belies the contempt he feels towards his own citizens. Approximately 2500 people in and near Fairmont signed the recent petition forcing the Fairmont city council to take another vote on the dangerous “Men in Ladies’ Rooms” ordinance. (Story UPDATE click here) The mayor has been quoted as saying, “I have zero responsibility” to the citizens. They elected me to make decisions for them.”

We at the Family Policy Council pray that the mayor will soften his approach towards concerned citizens during the time he has remaining in office. He must sit for election next November.

But for now he still bristles at being held accountable by his own voters. In that recent newspaper interview, he focused several comments not on serving his own city and citizens, but instead offered uninformed and inaccurate conjecture on the Family Policy Council and our President Allen Whitt.

The Family Policy Council of West Virginia engages to defend religious freedom and free speech rights for citizens state-wide in all of our 204 municipalities. We provide legal and policy information and assistance to faith voters in West Virginia’s cities.  And so far only 11 city councils have ignored their citizens and voted to promote special privileges based on a person’s sexual activity or identity.

In total only about 65 individuals in the entire state have voted in favor of these ordinances that will use the government to punish anyone who holds traditional views on marriage and lives out those beliefs in their private places of business.  The mayor claims in that interview that the Family Policy Council has only won in Parkersburg. But the reality is that 193 of West Virginia’s municipalities have either publicly rejected these dangerous and unconstitutional ordinances or the city councils have wisely elected to represent the majority of their local voters and not consider them to begin with.

But the Fairmont mayor did get the gist of what’s happening in his community and conceded that the petition drive led by local citizens was successful and now the people will get to decide for themselves.

“I don’t know that anybody’s going to change their vote,” Mayor Thomas Mainella, representing Fairmont’s Eighth District, said Tuesday in a phone call with WAJR. “It’s going to go to the voters to decide.” Click photo for full story