Citizens Force Suspension or Repeal of Fairmont’s “Men in Ladies’ Room” Ordinance

Fairmont, WV. Nov. 15, 2017 – Victory today in Fairmont, West Virginia!

No men in ladies rooms for at least 12 months! Citizens gathered almost 3000 signatures to force the renegade city council to reconsider the dangerous, sexually-focused city ordinance that would allow men into ladies rooms and other private spaces reserved for women.

The city rejected almost 1000 signatures and likely would have lost in court for the criteria they wrongly used to disqualify many signatures. Thankfully the wave of concerned citizens eager to overturn the ordinance was insurmountable even with the signature invalidations. Only 1989 verified signatures or 15% of the city’s registered voters were required to force the city council’s reconsideration.

The city verified 2008 of the nearly 3000 signatures submitted by the Keep Fairmont Safe Committee and had no choice but to validate the petition. This forces the Fairmont City Council to reconsider the recently passed ordinance. (likely Dec. 12th)

The wrong-headed ordinance punishes private business owners and even some churches for not allowing males who identity as female, to use their ladies’ showers and work locker rooms.

The 30-day petition effort was largely executed by volunteers from several of Fairmont’s churches. The initial petition was deemed 304 signatures insufficient after the city threw out approximately 700 or so signatures for various reasons. But the city charter allowed the Keep Fairmont Safe committee ten days to amend the petition. So Keep Fairmont Safe volunteers then gathered 595 additional signatures. But then the city disqualified almost 200 of the additional signatures. (Follow Keep Fairmont Safe on Facebook by searching @KeepFairmontSafe or click here.

The validated petition forces the city council into an embarrassing second vote on the issue on December 12th.

However there were too many concerned citizens who had watched how the city had beligerently treated people of faith who wanted a voice in this decision. The validated petition forces the city council into an embarrassing second vote on the issue on December 12th.  Their choice at that meeting is

1.) to eat crow and repeal the ordinance. This would provide vindication for all of the faithful citizens who opposed the ordinance and were subsequently mocked by the council for doing so.

Or 2.) if as expected, a majority of the Fairmont City Council could pridefully ignore the majority of their citizens once again and votes to keep the “men in ladies’ room” ordinance.

If it’s option 1.) then the ordinance is dead. If they go with option 2.0 then the VALIDATED petition by Keep Fairmont Safe, immediately repudiates the city council’s vote and suspends the ordinance. The “men in ladies’ rooms” ordinance will stay suspended until the citizens can vote on the ordinance on the November 2018 city election ballot.

This could be sooner if a second petition drive to recall the mayor and the city council members is successful. Stay tuned for the Dec. 12th city council results and an announcement about the unprecedented recall of city council members.

Now the Keep Fairmont Safe committee will need a substantial amount of money to run a successful ballot initiative.

Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia congratulated the Keep Fairmont Safe volunteers by commenting, “This is unprecedented in West Virginia to have faithful citizens rise up like this against extreme government overreach. This is local city council thuggery at its worst. And the people wouldn’t stand for it and executed the first successful freedom-protection petition drive in the history of Fairmont, WV and maybe the first of its kind ever in West Virginia.”

Now the Keep Fairmont Safe committee will need a substantial amount of money to run a successful ballot initiative. The left is typically much better at this than people of faith are. In Houston opponents were out spent four million dollars to just one million. Proponent’s money came from homosexual-activists like the Tim Gill Foundation. Opposition money was donated by churchgoers, small business owners, fathers, mothers, brothers anyone who wanted a successful campaign to repeal their “men in ladies’ rooms” ordinance.

Even in a heavily democrat city like Houston safety proponents won and won big. In most situations where these make it to a ballot the people vote to keep men out of those private spaces.  It was a political landslide in Houston. The vote was 62% to repeal and just 38% for allowing men into their daughters’ private spaces. In Fairmont the numbers could be similar but only if voters will get up off the burning couch to vote. Voter apathy in West Virginia is well beyond the sinful level.

But privacy and safety for our women and daughters is a non-partisan issue and both republicans and democrats alike understand we must push back against the dangerous concept of allowing males to enter private spaces that are historically reserved for females.

Even if you don’t live in or work in Fairmont but want to help make a statement that you disagree with crazy and dangerous progressive ideals like open showers and locker rooms for your children, then please make a donation to help us get the word out win the Fairmont ballot vote.

If you could contribute an amount equal to what you would spend on a Christmas present for your most precious loved one then we may have a chance. This would be a major victory for decency and common sense in Fairmont and for West Virginia. West Virginia needs a statewide law to allow all of its citizens this right to petition and the Family Policy Council will back the effort to change that law too. Sadly only three or four cities have it written into their city charters.

Please if you want to make a difference then go here to donate: