Charleston 101 and Charleston 301


Charleston Policy Institute 101 & 301 – Citizen Orientation Training

Charleston 101 is the Family Policy Institute’s educational program designed to orient conservative citizens on how to navigate West Virginia’s law-making process at the capital building in Charleston.

ABOUT Charleston Policy Institute 101

State_capitol_buildingCharleston Policy Institute 101 is the Family Policy Council of West Virginia (FPCWV) signature citizen orientation training to inform, equip and mobilize ordinary citizens for purposeful, authentic and effective action in support of good public policy in West Virginia.

Charleston 101 accomplishes this by offering citizens the opportunity to learn about their state government through a unique on-site, real-time dynamic experience that uses the Capitol Campus as its “classroom”.

All Charleston 101 trainings take place onsite at the State Capitol Campus in Charleston (mapand are facilitated FREE of charge by the Family Policy Council of West Virginia.

Charleston Policy Institute 101 will be offered during the 2014 Legislative Session (January–March). Dates will be TBD.

Charleston Policy Institute 101

Charleston Policy Institute 101 helps citizens know how to confidently navigate their Capitol Campus, both inside and out.

  • Where to park.

 There is metered parking available upon entering the capitol complex from Greenbrier Street. There is also a shuttle service available.

Shuttle Service 
All day shuttle service is provided between the Capitol Complex and the Laidley Field parking area. The shuttle departs from Laidley Field starting at 7 a.m. and ending at 6 p.m. Each stop is served approximately every 10-15 minutes.

The shuttle does not operate from 11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The stops include: the Division of Highways Building 5, Building 6 California Avenue, East Wing entrance to the Main Capitol Building, at the Governor’s driveway (Greenbrier Street), and Laidley Field. The shuttle bus is handicapped accessible.

Handicapped Access 
Handicapped entrances are located in both the East and West Wing loading docks. If individuals are entering the Main Building (also called Building 1) from the fountain side of the Capitol Complex (the courtyard), a ramp and automatic doors are situated on the ground floor adjacent to Room 146-M. A fourth handicapped entrance is located at the entrance to the West Wing facing the Cultural Center. In each of the wings there are ramps located to the sides of the stairs leading to the Main Building. Security guards located on both the east and west side of the Capitol will be happy to provide additional directions.

To obtain bills in Braille format, please contact the Journal Room at (304) 340-3244.

  • How and where to reserve meeting space for both casual and official legislative business.
  • Where to eat lunch, buy a cup of coffee, purchase gifts or souvenirs, locate restrooms, accessibility options, etc.

Participate in the Legislative Process

  • Where and how to utilize the bill resources available through Legislative Information Center.
  • How and where to testify at a legislative hearing.
  • How to read and track bills.
  • Using the tools available for citizens to effectively interpret and follow the legislative process.
  • Participating in grassroots networking activities.
  • How and where to receive advanced training.
  • Preparing citizens for leadership roles within their own circle’s of influence.

Build Meaningful Relationships with Lawmakers and their Staff

  • Legislator’s roles within the context of their Charleston offices.
  • How and when to contact district lawmakers about legislation.
  • Promoting good public policy through servant leadership.
  • Providing accountability through constituent action.

About Charleston Policy Institute 301

adulteducationCharleston 103 is the Family Policy Institute’s advanced educational program for those who have completed Charleston 101. The 301 level program is designed to assist conservative citizens in becoming citizen lobbyists to positively influence our laws, lawmakers and our state elections on behalf of faith, family and freedom.

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We look forward to seeing you in Charleston!