Charles Town City Council Antagonizes Faithful Includes Churches in Bathroom Requirement

June 6. IMG_1346Monday night Charles Town moved forward with a policy demanding men be legally allowed in ladies’ public showers and restrooms. Final passage is expected in two weeks. Here’s what one council member had the audacity to say before his vote.
“This council bears no moral responsibility for any crimes that may be committed because of our decision!”
While promoting this ordinance to the council, LGBT activists touted the primary win of Republican Senator Mitch Carmichael as evidence that women should just stop fighting this. You need a good reason why this council should pass it? -Well if the Republican Senate Majority leader is on board and evangelicals won’t vote him out for his views […then follow the Charlotte Observer’s advice and get over it ladies. Stop being transphobic.]
Andrew Schneider, Executive Director of Fairness West Virginia, the state’s homosexual activist group, in his presentation referenced Donald Trump as a reason for people of faith to stop opposing these ordinances.
He said Trump has overwhelming support by evangelicals even though he’s made statements that everyone should use the bathroom of their choice. Trump said that North Carolina should have just left it the way it was instead of paying a economic price for overturning Charlotte’s ordinance. But look at him, he beat Cruz and all the other Republicans who brought up bathrooms.
A council member actually chastised a citizen of faith who brought concerns about church employment. The council member proclaimed church secretaries and other non-teaching positions should be filled with homosexual or transgenders or face potential law suits according to his interpretation of the law.
The Charles Town city council ordinance is the most egregious assault on religious freedom so far in West Virginia. With every day of inaction by faith leaders and Christian voters, the activists grow bolder.
A local deacon pointed out how the ordinance will even restrict what his church may print in their weekly bulletins on issues of sexuality.
The ordinance specifically addresses written communications and under threat of litigation, forbids the publication and distribution of any document that fails to affirm a person’s professed sexual orientation, sexual identity or sexual expression by any place of public accommodation. Many churches are considered places of public accommodation.
At least three council members arrogantly dismissed any amendments that would have exempted local churches from the obvious burden this ordinance places on their first amendment right of religious expression. One council member repeatedly challenged the legitimacy of a person trying to live out their faith in the work place if it requires objection to the ordinance.
North Carolina’s new HB2 law overturned a similar ordinance that Charlotte passed.  If that type of law passed here in West Virginia it would reign in Charles Town’s activist council and remove their authority to enact such belligerent policies towards the majority of their citizens.
It would reverse the damage done by our other renegade West Virginia city councils as well, not including the businesses who have already been sued. Charleston, Huntington, Shepherds Town, Sutton, Morgantown, Harper’s Ferry, Lewisburg and Martinsburg have adopted these ordinances. Five just in the past few months. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent discrimination claims have already been paid out by businesses impacted in cities with these new sue and settle shakedown schemes.
Its important to note that each of those cities has a democrat majority on the city council but some republicans joined in the decision to open showers and ladies’ rooms to men and business owners who object to lawsuits.
Tennessee and Arkansas also have similar laws to North Carolina’s that protects their citizens from this type of progressive tyranny by a few radical city councilmen. We could have had one here.
Faithful bipartisan legislators introduced a similar bill in West Virginia in 2015 but it died after Senator Carmichael told the Gazette that “the senate has no appetite for ever taking up a bill that would take away gay rights.”
Also in 2016 Carmichael swayed several other senators to vote for Senator Palumbo’s amendment that would give these city ordinances a trump card over religious objections. That vote killed a state-wide religious freedom law. So now there is no defense against the oppression of these ordinances.
West Virginia is especially vulnerable to this type of centralized cultural manipulation because of our lack of “recall and referendum.” Texas and most other states have more legal tools to fight this kind of government overreach. They have a law allowing the recall of elected officials and the ability to initiate local referendums on issues.
In West Virginia polling shows virtually every one of these ordinances would fail overwhelmingly if put to a vote of the people.
Houston recently demonstrated the value of these tools for the protection of its people. Their lesbian mayor forced a similar sexual orientation and gender identity ordinance onto her citizens. She then used it against pastors who spoke out against her or the ordinance. However the citizens of Houston, (decidedly a minority population and mostly democrats) signed petitions, held a referendum and voted down the ordinance 60%-40% despite $4 million dollars spent to defend it.
We must demand our own right to vote on these issues here in West Virginia too! Several activist council members pushing these ordinances have been removed from office by a recall vote by the people in other states.
Similar bills like recall and referendum and HB 2 must be reintroduced and passed this January. But that will only happen if several state senate seats change hands. This November, vote for courageous men and women of character and faith, not just for familiar party colors. Some issues are more important than the state budget and our economy.
We will provide a voter guide online so you know who’s with us at but you’ll need to sign up on our site.
But for now Charles Town women and girls…and churches, be vigilant and prepare for eventual attack, on your person, on your dignity and on your resources if you dare resist. Civil penalties first but then bankruptcy and eventually being thrown into the street are possibilities for any found in violation of the ordinance.
The West Virginia legislature has failed to act to defend you against the power grab of your local city officials, many elected by fewer that 500 total votes. It will take more than FB posts to turn this tide. Join us and push back.
Allen Whitt