Calling Speaker Tim Armstead, Please Report to the Supreme Court Special Election

Candidate filing period for WV Supreme Court Justice Ketchum’s seat announced

by Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia

Charleston, WV, Speaker of the West Virginia Tim Armstead announced earlier this year that he would not be seeking reelection to his house seat. The reason he gave was that he may seek other political office in the future. It was a terribly-kept secret that he had intentions of seeking a seat on the West Virginia Supreme Court in 2020.

Well with the debacle that is currently happening with West Virginia’s Supreme Court, the resignation of Justice Menis Ketchum under threat of impeachment and the actual impeachment proceedings of another justice, a seat on the court will be chosen early by the voters this November.

Speaker Armstead would be the perfect justice for a West Virginia Supreme Court badly in need of a credibility infusion. Tim Armstead was voted Speaker of the House of Delegates after a red revolution in 2014 that flipped both legislative houses from blue to red. And for four years has successfully managed the hardest job in West Virginia. Much harder than heading the heavily red state senate, Armstead has had to wrangle three political parties, Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians, within the House of Delegates.

That volatile mix unexpectedly tripped up some of West Virginia’s united red initiatives. But Armstead was consistent in his principle. He was unwavering in his courage to defend the state and federal constitutions and the rights of West Virginia’s citizens contained therein. He was such a stalwart of the truth and common sense, that marijuana-minded young Republicans were forced to team with rabid Libertarians and maniacal Democrats in order to force a pro-pot bill passed Armstead’s control.

So the opening on the court has presented an opportunity. And it’s time that in West Virginia, the people of faith, people of principle, citizens of integrity, it’s time to call for a Supreme Court candidate like Speaker of the House Tim Armstead to run for that open seat this November.

CHARLESTON, W.Va.  — Secretary of State Mac Warner is announcing the official candidate registration dates for a Special Election called by Governor Jim Justice to fill the unexpired term of Justice Menis Ketchum on the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.

Justice Ketchum resigned effective Friday.

The Special Election will run concurrently with the regularly scheduled Nov. 6 General Election.

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