BREAKING: FPCWV Endorsed Logan County Democrat Switches To Independent


FPCWV Endorsed Logan County Democrat Switches To Independent

Logan, WV— On Thursday, Logan County Delegate Rupert “Rupie” Phillips, switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Independent. According to an on-air interview with Hoppy Kercheval, Phillips stated that he “hasn’t caucused with the Democrats in two years.”

While praising President Donald Trump, Mr. Phillips stated that he felt the liberal Democrat party no longer supported coal, guns or God.

Allen Whitt, president of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia, said the switch doesn’t surprise him.

“Delegate Rupie Phillips has been a consistent voice for faith, family and freedom. He was one of the few Democrat sponsors for the Restoration of Religious Freedom Act. Mr. Phillips has been a staunch defender for private spaces for women and children and we fully expect him to continue this as an independent,” Whitt said.

The Family Policy Council of West Virginia officially endorsed Delegate Phillips during the 2016 General Election cycle.

Mr. Whitt said he fully expects other Democrats will follow Delegate Phillips lead as the party has become very far left in West Virginia.

“We don’t expect the Democratic Party to be in the majority party again in West Virginia for a long, long time with their anti-faith, pro-homosexuality, anti-family platform. And in two years if a respectable businessman or woman who truly respects the faith held by 93% of our voters, declares as a Republican for the governor’s race in 2020 I expect that Governor Justice’s continuance of the Democratic platform will limit him to a single term,” he said.

The new House of Delegates numbers will be 63 Republicans, 36 Democrats and one Independent.