Breaking: Federal Judge Stops Obama’s Transgendered Guidelines in West Virginia

On Monday, the Family Policy Council of West Virginia released the following statement in response to a Texas Federal Judge’s ruling that will temporarily stop Obama’s bathroom directive. Read the entire press release below.


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Federal Judge Stops Obama’s Transgendered Student Guidelines in West Virginia

 Charleston, WV- Today, as children are going back to school across West Virginia, a Texas federal court judge has stopped the enforcement of Obama’s bathrooms direct, which would have forced West Virginia schools to allow boys into girls bathrooms, shower rooms and locker rooms. West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey joined the Texas lawsuit requesting a temporary stop to the enforcement of the Obama administration’s dangerous school guidelines issued for public schools earlier this year.

Allen Whit, President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia says, “Today is a day to celebrate, albeit briefly, that common sense has not completely left every seat of the Federal judiciary. This ruling in favor of West Virginia’s public school students proves that safety first should be the driving force in these types of decisions. Now county board’s of education like Marion County, who have rushed into acceptance of President Obama’s dangerous guidelines out of fear they may lose a few federal dollars, will be required to return to a student first and safety first approach. “


President Obama’s administration sent a non-binding letter to schools across the nation threatening to take away Title IX funding if schools do not adopt the administration’s rule to allow boys into girls’ showers, locker rooms, bathrooms, etc. Texas is leading a lawsuit of 13 states to stop the Obama administration’s attack on public schools. A total of 23 states are suing the Obama administration because of the dangerous guidelines.

“This is a victory but no victory is permanent and we must press forward at the legislature to pass laws preventing county boards from making these types of dangerous decisions that could permanently scar our children,” Whitt added.

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court weighed in on the issue by implementing a temporary hold on a ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit that would have forced a Virginia school district to implement a school bathroom policy that would allow boy’s into girl’s bathrooms.

Whitt stated, “Every parent of every public school student should thank Attorney General Patrick Morrisey for wisely choosing to join in with Texas in this suit on behalf of student safety. Because of his prudent actions, West Virginia students will now benefit from this Texas Federal Judge’s ruling.

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