Bostock vs Clayton County: The Undoing of America’s Faith

By Allen Whitt 6/15/2020

Americans were just betrayed  by an enemy from within. That enemy, was judicial activism from our highest court.

The US Supreme Court decision on June 15th 2020, shall forever be known as the Bostock decision. It stunningly abandoned common sense, science and the Constitution, to splice gay and transgender rights into the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


Now homosexuality and Gender Dysphoria (a psychiatric disorder, where 83% of patients with the diagnosis, receive disability benefits,) now stand equal to the anti-discrimination categories protected by the Civil Rights Act. Protections previously only extended to race, color, religion, sex and country of national origin.

Republicans, Trump supporters, constitutionalists, marriage defenders, women, girls sports competitors, privacy advocates, safety advocates, all were betrayed in a single ruling.

Two Republican presidential Court appointees including President Trump’s first nominee, Neil Gorsuch, manufactured indefensible analogies to contort the meaning of the Constitution. They did so while simultaneously calling themselves defenders of its text.

Specifically they infused the word “sex,” which previously meant either male and/or female, with the brand new additional meanings of gay and transgender.

“Sex” according to six robed lawyers on the Supreme Court, no longer simply means male or female. For the purposes of anti-discrimination law, “sex” now means male/female/gay/transgendered. Robert’s activist court embarrassingly ignored millennia of accepted biology and science to decree that a politically popular piece of legislation, that they felt was overdue, is now the law of the land.

It’s not the Supreme Court’s job to create legislation. Yet that’s what they just did. No federal laws were judged for their constitutional worth as was their sworn, dispassionate duty. They just created out of judicial air a new definition of a scientific word, “sex.” And in doing so, through this unthinkable decision, the closeted liberal Justices Neil Gorsuch and John Roberts, along with the four, out, liberal justices, weakened the triad of our representative form of government.

It weakened our faith in the Court and it weakened our faith in the legitimacy of our laws. Our United States is a nation, a nation of laws based on a common Constitution. That is all that binds the states of America. Judicial activism from our highest court weakened those bonds through Bostock.

It’s incredulous to have to acknowledge that this Supreme Court decision is now a surreal reality.  But it is.

There is more at work here than seemingly compassionate justices defending a “discriminated-against” sexual minority, much more!

And it’s evil.

It’s not unlike a deranged king demanding all his subjects bow down to a rainbow-colored idol or be thrown into a fiery economic furnace.

But spiritually-active, government-engaged conservatives (SAGECONS,) have long known that today’s Supreme Court case and the countless, similar cases, were never about protecting statistically insignificant homosexuals and transgenders from workplace discrimination.

It’s but one part of a multi-phase assault of an anti-speech war intent on silencing every religious person or business owner. All who would dare offer public dissent against the growing political power of the self-identity glitter illuminati must be silenced.

That illuminati had been made up of big biz, big tech, the Democratic Party, the Libertatian Party, 25% of the Republican Party and many, many others. Now it includes a majority of the Supreme Court. It’s all they believe they need for their revolution.

Thankfully religious citizens who look to our one true God for sustenance, purpose and meaning, transcend this present existence, with it’s reliance on fallible government.

However that’s bad for business if you’re a stakeholder in the secular cabal’s plan to herd the masses so they mindlessly follow government instruction. So we are top targets.

Inspired believers are able to recognize the false-faced religion of secular humanism. We know that it has given rise to divisive identity politics. We can see it’s a means to accomplishing collectivism, eliminating capitalism and instilling God-less socialism.

Faithful religious voices have the discernment to reject temporal human equality as an end. And we are inspired to speak the truth, even when we know that it’s in-absorbable to the reprobate minds within the LGBTQAI, say-our-pronouns-or-else policy mob.

The saving truth is that this time, this globe, this country…is not our ultimate destination. We are not home yet, we are just passing through this place.

Therefore we are resolute in recommending to lost human souls, both ‘male or female, Jew or Greek,’ that they shouldn’t get too attached to this world. Because it’s a world with broken truth, broken men and broken authoritarian courts from which they rule.

There is but one salvation from the discrimination and persecution of this fallen existence. It’s not the misguided governmental #LoveIsLove activism of Neil Gorsuch and John Roberts. It’s the selfless, endless, love activism of Jesus.

Even President Trump recently stated with believable ethos, “We don’t worship government. We worship God.”

Those of us on the frontlines defending free speech and religious freedom, knew this ruling would eventually arrive. We just didn’t expect it this day. It’s more than frustrating that this activism by Gorsuch and Roberts was disingenuously cloaked by their pre-requisite ‘textualism,’ necessary for their Senate confirmations.


We had let ourselves forget about Gorsuch’s devotion to a religious denomination that decades ago embraced homosexuality and transgenderism.

That denomination has become a truth less, crippling enabler that can trap those with same-sex desires or Gender Dysphoria. That denomination also often steers the sexually and gender-confused into LGBTQAI activism and then unthinkably into recruitment.

Our network had recently grown concerned about Chief Robert’s leftward drift that he dismissed as an anti-politicization of his court. But to avoid dwelling on the severity of the consequences that a Bostock ruling would cause, many of us chose a PollyAnna-ish hopefulness.

There is no avoiding it now. Even with a reassuring Christian worldview, Bostock is one of the top three worst Supreme Court decisions in the history of the Court. Dred Scott wrongly denied humanity and Bostock wrongly redefines humanity. Dred Scott was later undone but


we must acknowledge that Bostock might be America’s undoing.

This redefinition of “sex” is merely a grinding wheel that will be used ceaselessly towards accomplishing the left’s ultimate goal.

That goal is to grind away the resistance of patriots via lawsuit after lawsuit in another failed attempt to transform the last island of freedom into a secular utopia.

They want a Portlandia existence where male is female, up is down and wrong is right. In that kind of society its not hard to see how government handouts and indoctrination would seem divine. The faithful will be economically forced, first into a non-cake-baking, non-trans-hiring, religious ghetto, and finally, out of existence. Bostock built the ghetto walls.


Bankruptcy is a real possibility for Harris Funeral Homes, the defendants in the Bostock trans-firing case. They will owe millions as a part of this ruling. They may cease after 100 years of honorably burying their customer’s family members.

Gorsuch did point to the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act as a source of possible protection from the inevitable fraudulent legal persecution that he knows his own opinion will spawn. So West Virginia and the other 29 states without a Religious Freedom Restoration law, must pass our own this next legislative session. This ruling shows we will certainly need RFRA’s to protect the next Harris Family from similar, state-specific court activism.

Unsurprisingly, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), who were original sponsors of the federal religious freedom law, announced within hours of the Bostock decision, their next political move. Even more important than Bostock to them, is the tearing down of the federal RFRA law that Gorsuch mentioned. Why? Because it’s in the way of the totalitarian form of government they now embrace.

That must never be allowed.

If you care about your religious freedom, it’s past time for you join us in this ever-intensifying fight. Contact us:

Allen Whitt


Family Policy Council

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Please invest 5 minutes to read what Justice Alito says about Justice Gorsuch’s “deceptive” majority opinion in Bostock.


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