How Did All These Bathroom Things Happen in WV!!!

Parkersburg Prepares to Force Private Businesses & Churches to Welcome Men into Ladies’ Showers and Restrooms


Tonight Parkersburg’s new city council, elected in November, will demand all private businesses allow biological males to enter women’s showers, changing rooms, locker rooms and restrooms. If your church or business is found in violation by a new “approved behavior” board, then you get sued out of existence.

Despite misleading religious exemption language in the ordinance, religious business owners and even churches could also be sued for failing to hire a male, openly dressing as a female, to be a childcare worker or for other positions with children.

The first vote on this ordinance is scheduled for this Tuesday night in Parkersburg. It’s time to storm city hall and the state capitol in protest.

According to the front page story Saturday, it appears the minds of the new city council activists are already made up, before any public input. There are 5 of 9 members sponsoring the ordinance. The mayor has publicly stated he will not veto it if passed and there hasn’t even been a public hearing?!

93% of West Virginia’s bipartisan voters surveyed last March, stated they opposed such ordinances.

To demand adoption of this controversial ordinance so quickly means last fall, there was a trojan horse effort to elect city council members and a mayor, specifically to pass this ordinance. They organized and ran quietly without touting it in their campaigns.

“Now that the new Trojan activists are on the inside of the city power structure in Parkersburg, they are opening the horse’s door and coming out along with ACLU lawyers. With discrimination lawsuits as swords, they are ready to sue any business owner or church that dissents.” Allen Whitt President

People of faith must put up a strong public opposition to the rogue Parkersburg City Council’s action and to our state’s senate leadership supporting it.

Believers in the First Amendment right of free speech and those committed to protecting private property rights, we beg you to urge the legislature to take action at the state level.

Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina and soon Texas, have protected businesses and defended common sense safety for women. Thirteen total states are pushing strong legislation right now to stop what Parkersburg is doing. Where are our West Virginia champions for safety and dignity?

Even passing a bill to allow local referendums to give the citizens a vote in these matters would be far better than five city ideologues forcing their abnormal philosophies on 35,000 citizens, via legal edict.

Democrat-controlled city councils are being weaponized against the religious conscience rights of business owners. It’s already cost our hurting West Virginia businesses hundreds of thousands in fraudulent suits.

Citizens must openly grill all candidates and get on record, their positions on these critical issues, before any election. Pastors, churches and private citizens must do a better job of putting forth candidates who openly oppose these dangerous ordinances. Then state law must change so that any liar may be recalled by special election.

It’s time these city councils were all seen as potential religious freedom predators. Then they must be caged by the civic engagement of the local church community.

We must be determined to elect majorities on city councils, county commissions and school boards that are filled with deacons and elders and pastors. If churches and religious business owners wish to remain free, then time and resources must now be dedicated to that end.

Times have changed. Maybe we do one less clean-water project overseas this year. Instead we invest in a local civic/church roof-maintenance project that keeps the acid rain of bad policy off our heads. The cost savings in legal fees alone with a bit of preemptive civic engagement, might be enough to dig 100 new water wells in the future.

We fought this type of city take-over in the Beckley elections and won because we were alerted by our dedicated members there. We were given no such alert about Parkersburg. (

And we can now assume trojan horses are being built in other cities for this spring’s municipal elections. It’s past time to start interviewing candidates, so call the people running in your city and ask, “are you for us or against us on this issue,” and lets hope we aren’t too late in your town.

If passed, Parkersburg will make a total of 10 of our West Virginia cities where citizens are being forced against their will to live in fear under the tyranny of these unconstitutional ordinances.

“It’s a burden on businesses and this ordinance threatens the public safety of women and girls! Yet the council is arrogantly pressing forward, drunk with newly elected power, and against the will of the majority of their citizens.” Allen Whitt, President, Family Policy Council

And incredulously the heavily Democrat city council is pushing this leftist ordinance with cover being given by West Virginia’s Republican senate president.

Republican Senator Mitch Carmichael from Ripley, cried tears on the floor of the senate last year. He sobbed, quoted the Bible, fought back snot… all while defending these rogue city Democrats. He defended their actions to force private property owners to allow males into private, female spaces.

In the name of non-discrimination he swayed several Republican senators to protect men who choose to lounge and lurk in ladies’ rooms. By doing so he led them to betray common sense and violate the dignity of our women.

The Family Policy Council openly lobbied against Carmichael’s reelection campaign in the 4th senate district. The success of his senate theatrics appear set to force private businesses in Parkersburg to adopt an open ladies room policy. His floor speech on this topic, in-part, caused him to lose his own hometown of Ripley and his home county of Jackson in both the primary and in the general elections. He benefited from a few well-placed billboards in Putnam County and some emergency spending on his behalf by the left-leaning State Chamber of Commerce.

Carmichael’s close relationship with anti-business, anti-religious freedom and homosexual activists groups should be concerning to all conservatives. Senate staffers report to us that Carmichael has hosted the Executive Director of Fairness West Virginia in his office multiple times leading up to and during this session.

Fairness West Virginia is the pro-homosexual activist group that’s pushing the Parkersburg sexual orientation and gender identity ordinance. “Sometimes he’s there for hours at a time,” our sources reported.

That should be alarming to every senator who backed Carmichael and to every county Republican Party Chairman in the state. The Republican Party Platform clearly opposes these types of anti-religious freedom, anti-free speech and anti-private property rights ordinances.

Carmichael apparently has nine political lives. He lost the Republican caucus vote among the incumbent senators who had seen him in action and knew him best. However he’s crafty. He smartly offered powerful chairmanships and other attractive perks to some of the newly elected freshman in exchange for their votes for president. Freshmen should almost never be given chairmanships. The learning curve is too steep and it doesn’t serve West Virginia to have a big oops! by a freshmen on a critical bill.

We lobbied some of those newly elected Republican senators last November. We petitioned them to pick someone other than Carmichael as senate president at their caucus meeting. One said, “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna sell my soul over this no matter what deal I’m offered.” But 48 hours later, he did. The story was reported on MetroNews Radio within hours.

Those deals paid off for Carmichael. Just three weeks after America took a big step towards religious liberty with the Trump victory, West Virginia took a big step towards LGBT activism when Carmichael survived the internal Republican caucus challenge…this time by a single vote… purchased with political silver.

What? you say. You didn’t hear about any of that in the papers or on the news? Of course you didn’t. The left doesn’t work against itself. The press dare not expose the bailiwick of their ally. Doing so would not have served the cause of leftist activism.

Now, with no fear of legislative interference in their local unconstitutional affairs, the Parkersburg City Council, moves feverishly to create a legal hammer so homosexual allies and activists may smash any religious dissenters. And as a byproduct, they will carelessly endanger women in showers, restrooms and changing areas.

Carmichael, doubling down on his pro-special-rights political cover for cities, attempted just last week, to sneak through a bill that would strip Christian Child Counselors of their licensure.

Why on earth? Simply this… if a counselor fails to affirm homosexual behavior as normative, during talk therapy given to a sexually confused minor, boom! Guilty of malpractice! That medical professional then loses her license. (Every word of that is accurate!)

Sadly he will remain as President until after the next election in November of 2018. Then he will face another regular caucus challenge by his Republican senate colleagues. Not to get anyone’s hopes up but Carmichael could be removed at any time by a little-used procedure called a “Motion to Vacate the Chair.”

Any senator can make this motion on the floor of the senate and it would require 18 votes for Carmichael to retain his position as president. There are 34 senators, 22 Republicans. Senate staffers tell us that based on hallway discussions, if a vote on that “Vacate” motion were held today, Carmichael would not hold the seat.

However because of the negative PR such an event would cause the state’s newly empowered Republican Party, making that motion is the equivalent of the nuclear option. It would also have a kiloton of negative political consequences for the senators voting for it if it failed.

So we don’t expect that motion this session. And it would likely take a public criminal failure by the senate president over the summer, to inspire a “Motion to Vacate,” even during the next session in 2018.

Take Action: Below are the Republican senators who allied with Carmichael to put him in charge of this session’s sketchy agenda. As we wrote earlier it has already included more bills attempting to defend homosexually-focused ordinances. Stunningly 11 Republican senators backed him, some now with serious buyer’s remorse.

They had a chance to pick a more conservative senate leader who was openly committed to keeping our women and girls safe. But 11 misappropriated their political allegiances and failed West Virginia’s women and girls.

Even after he openly betrayed people of faith, betrayed the expectation of women to be safe in private spaces, betrayed the Republican Party Platform and betrayed all conservative West Virginians, eleven Republican senators still sided with Carmichael over a better choice.

Please politely call them and ask them why? And then ask them to help stop what he’s doing to Parkersburg and nine other cities.

Pray for the women and little girls in Parkersburg. They deserve better!

If you don’t like the answers you get, four* of these senators are up for election in just 14 months and you may choose to replace them.

Craig Blair (304) 357-7867
Sue Cline (304) 357-7807
*Ryan Ferns (304) 357-7918
*Mike Hall (304) 357-7901
Kenny Mann (304) 357-7849
Mike Maroney (304) 357-7902
*Jeff Mullins (304) 357-7831
Randy Smith (304) 357-7995
Chandler Swope (304) 357-7843
*Charlie Trump (304) 357-7980
Ryan Weld (304) 357-7984