Approximately 1000 Supporters Attended Religious Freedom Rally

Video and Additional Photos Will Be Posted Soon
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HB4012 Is Being Considered Today By House Judiciary

The House Judiciary Committee begins 9:30 Watch the Meeting Online Here:
(if link doesn’t work try HERE)

Many came and spoke at yesterday’s 9:30 a.m public hearing in support of the bill. But several spoke against it as well including the manager of the Embassy Suites in Charleston making a false claim that the bill allows discrimination. One of the new broadband providers in West Virginia also sent a representative to speak against the bill.

The state chamber of commerce has also yet to support the bill. That has been the strategy of the bill’s opponents in other states. Misinformation about what the bill does is the only way they can hope to defeat this much-needed protection for people of faith. We will need you to call many of these businesses and some key legislators shortly. We will send a follow-up with more specifics. Be prepared to act.

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Yes on HB4012!

Click Here and Here to understand how the new RFRA law would protect us.

President Bill Clinton and Congress signed a similar law in 1993 protecting us against unjust Federal punishment for exercising our religious beliefs. Twenty-one states have their own law. Now it’s time our West Virginia legislators protect us against unjust state punishment.

Contact us at or call our office at 304-756-8567 x 107. Thank those of you that attended. Help us with a small donation HERE.