Who We Are

The Family Policy Council of West Virginia is The Mountain State’s leading conservative policy group championing social issues. We positively influence state laws, state lawmakers and state elections to defend the constitutional right of religious freedom for our families and churches. Our origins and affiliations: The Family Policy Council and The Family Policy Council of West Virginia’s Education Fund are affiliated with Focus on the Family and CitizenLink. We also partner occasionally with the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. on urgent federal policy issues that impact West Virginia.  


Message from the President

Allen on Set 2Greetings from the President, Thank you for visiting us here at The Family Policy Council of West Virginia. I bring you good tidings of great joy that Christ the King is risen. While I was yet a sinner Jesus died for me. But He arose again after three days so that all who believe might be redeemed. It was during the week of vacation Bible school at our little country church a few months before my 5th birthday. The cherry Kool-Aid and cookies had been consumed and then Mrs. Allie Watson lassoed a group of 5-yr-olds into a little classroom. Mrs. Allie was a widow already well into her 70’s but her prayers and her service to our church had kept her youthful and full of energy. It was there on that June day where Mrs. Allie first explained to me what the verse John 3:16 meant. My eyes were opened and I understood that people were basically bad with a few good tendencies and that badness was called sin. She said sin separates us from the goodness of God and the only way to be reconnected to Him was to believe that Jesus saves everyone from our sins. Even at four and a half years old I knew what she said was true. I was already bad. When I did things my mom and dad told me not to I felt bad. Now I understood that was sin and I understood my need for salvation from it. I found mine that night alone beside my bunk bed and I have been forever transformed. Not yet transformed into heavenly perfection butforgiven for my sins and given a life purpose. My life purpose is to share that same Gospel of Jesus’ salvation from sin with as many as possible and defend the rights of others to do so. It’s understood in every 12-step program that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. The Bible clearly spells out what our sin problems are. The first chapter of Romans provides us with a partial list. But most people have yet to acknowledge that they have a sin problem. So even when presented with a loving truth-filled intervention they may become defensive and even upset. Here at The Family Policy Council of West Virginia our mission is the same as my personal purpose of sharing the Gospel. As an organization we focus on defending the rights of our citizens and our churches to demonstrate that Gospel faith. Those rights extend outside of the four walls of the church and into the public schools, the public square and into the workplace. The Family Policy Council of West Virginia is your ally in the political battles that are now necessary to keep those rights of religious freedom intact in our state. This site has lots of helpful information about those battles that is always being updated, so check back often, sign up for our email alerts, and/or follow our blog, Facebook or Twitter. There are several ways to volunteer or to join our efforts and we encourage you to contact us. We are thankful for the outpouring of support of the family of faith in West Virginia. Sincerely, Allen Whitt President

Mission Statement

Pro-Life: We believe . . . no one should determine whether a life is worthless; rather, life is sacred from its conception to its natural death. We advocate for policies that protect the fundamental human right to life for the pre-born, the adult, and the elderly

Marriage: We believe . . . marriage is a lifelong commitment between one man and one woman and that government should promote and encourage strong families by strengthening marriage. Marriage is under attack by activists wishing to redefine the term to include the recognition of unnatural pairings other than one man and one woman. West Virginia’s current marriage laws are weak and vulnerable to liberal judges wishing to subvert the will of our overwhelmingly conservative citizens. To protect natural marriage West Virginia needs an amendment to its state constitution clearly defining marriage as only between one man and one woman. We are working with local, state, and national leaders to encourage natural marriage and to strengthen our laws protecting that institution. Our primary goal: to clearly define natural marriage in West Virginia’s constitution as between one man and one woman only.

Religious Freedom: We believe . . . that an individual’s right to practice their faith should have the maximum protection under the law. To that end, we will support and defend policies that engage our first freedom: the free exercise of religion.   The Family Policy Council of West Virginia (FPC-WV) is organized as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation that provides us with the most flexibility for advancing, defending, and equipping West Virginia’s families. However, the IRS does not allow us to extend to you a tax deduction for gifts given to the FPC-WV. We also operate the Family Policy Council of West Virginia-Education Fund (FPCWV – EducationFund) which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Contributions to the FPCWV – Education Fund are tax deductible.

Our Policy Issues



Euthanasia/End of Life Issues

Stem Cells and Biotechnology

Conscience Protection

Women’s Health


Family Structure

Family Economics

Parental Rights

Human Sexuality

Abstinence and Sexual Health




Religion in Public Life

Research on Religion