Charleston Rushes Through Unconstitutional Ban on Christians Over Objections

President Allen Whitt pleads with Charleston not to ban Christian counselors. They did 14-9. (Click Photo for Video)

August 3, 2021

Charleston, WV Monday night while many of those affected by a new city ordinance were off at church camp or in country revivals, or on vacation, the City Council of Charleston, WV banned all licensed Christian therapists/pastors, from telling a confused child or teen that homosexuality may be dangerous for them. The fine is $1000 per day and an additional $1000 for every day that the fine isn’t paid. The new ban allows any activist to sue the counselor or pastor or nurse or social worker and it strips them of their professional license.






Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia warns, “This is their plan to eliminate any Christian voice within professional counseling, that is not gay or lesbian or trans affirming. You can expect it to spread as long as the Republican controlled legislature lags in passing a state law that guarantees access to whatever talk therapy or therapist that a family believes will help their child.”

Multiple city council members suggested tabling the ordinance to hear from more professionals who would be impacted. But they were overruled and outvoted by the progressives on the council who demanded that Charleston be more inclusive for LGBT people. This was dirty politics and all 14 who voted for this should be voted out of office.

The ordinance was rushed through in two short weeks while most were out of town. They rammed it through committee without defining any terms last week. The chairwoman of the rules committee was livid that she had been ambushed and refused to even present her committee’s ordinance to the full council. But the fix was in.

So now the city will likely be sued by a therapist or a teen who just had their therapist ripped away from them in their time of need. If you know a pastor with a counseling license, or a nurse, or a child Psychologist/Psychiatrist, social worker or intern or a family who has a child who sees a Christian therapist or who might need those services, please email us at You may be able to join the legal action against the city. Contact us ASAP.

The Family Policy Council is going to need a lot of help to see this legal fight through. If you’ve never made a donation to us before, now would sure be the time that would help us most. If we don’t get it stopped in Charleston it will move on to every city that has passed a “Men in ladies room” ordinance.

We also need volunteers and donations to help us lobby the Republicans at the legislature to pass a law that guarantees a parent’s right to choose the best therapy for their family.

One council member spoke against the ordinance because he said it tells a Christian parent they can’t make decisions that are best for their family. And he is right. That is the real reason for the ordinance.

To end the night Mayor Amy Goodwin, who is one of the most progressive activist mayors in the the country, patronizingly affirmed the 100 or so attendees for their civility towards one another. She intentionally looked straight down the aisle of the clearly divided audience so that her comments didn’t appear too overtly directed at the side of the room who came to oppose her unconstitutional ordinance. But for those of us who understood, her words belied her belief that non-LGBT-affirming citizens could possible maintain decorum. When, according to her worldview of us, we are always likely to shout unkind words towards homosexuals.

President Whitt included this, “Let me note an oddly unsettling moment during last night’s council meeting in Charleston. Mayor Amy Goodwin knew that she had the votes so she was going out of her way to appear fair to both sides. So she came to me and the gay-identifying lobbyist to prearrange an equal number of speakers both for and against.

She “generously” allotted a total of ten minutes per side for a very complex issue. (Compare that to the four hours and forty-seven minutes of testimony allowed by Lewisburg’s Council on their bathroom bill.)

But on two occasions as the mayor spoke to me, once in a side room alone and once in the middle of the council chamber aisle, she place her hand on my shoulder and upper arm. She did so softly and left it there for several uncomfortable moments while she spoke to me as if she were my kindergarten teacher.

She placed her hands on me without consent. You know you get arrested for that in Charleston? Men have their lives ruined all the time over something simple like that. If my wife had been in the room she would have come unglued.

Why am I documenting this? I know the difference between someone trying to be condescending and an assault. But as a faith-based conservative, I don’t attempt to ruin people’s lives. Therefore I’m not going to file charges against Mayor Amy Goodwin for repeatedly placing her hands on me even though it made me uncomfortable.

However if the vote had been in doubt, and she had been in the stressful mindset of trying to whip votes, and the roles were reversed, and it was I who touched her softly on the shoulder and upper arm while being condescending, she would have had my house S.W.A.T.T.E.D by midnight.

The hypocrisy of progressives is an unappealing aspect of trying to offer the voice of truth to elected officials. Last night’s vote to strip Christian parents’ rights and ban Christian therapists must be met with a wide public backlash.

But the MOST unappealing aspect of trying to offer the voice to truth to elected officials, so that pastors and the faithful may live free, is when those pastors and lay people aren’t even engaged enough to know when their rights are being stolen. The numbers of pastors who attended to stand up for their faith community was embarrassing.

It’s time to forward your pastor, deacons, elders and leaders this post. Stand up or they will forever shut you up. Christian counselors were just shut up in Charleston.