Prosecutor’s Investigator Files for State Senate

Deeds Announces Candidacy For State Senate

Deeds elaborated further, saying, “I believe in faith, family and a future for our state and for our children. I do, I believe in God — the one true living God. As a pastor at Sinks Grove Baptist Church, I believe in the one true living God, and all the goodness, that every bit of the goodness in this world comes from him. I believe a God-fearing Christian can make a powerful, positive difference in this world. And all of our rights come from the one true living God, and not big government. I believe in our state and our country. By God’s providence, the United States of America is the greatest nation. This is the greatest nation in the world. And West Virginia is the greatest state formed in this world. From the cornfields to the coalfields, this is a great state.”

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