Governor Signed The Save Girls Sports Act Into Law



Save Girls Sports Act Signed By Governor Justice

For Immediate Release:

April 28th, 2021

Charleston, WV. The Family Policy Council of West Virginia is thrilled that Governor Jim Justice did his duty to our girls and young women today by signing the Save Girls Sports Act into West Virginia law. The West Virginia Save Girls Sports Act protects high school AND college female competitors from being forced to compete against biological males who are confused about their sex.

President Biden enacted an executive order on his first day in office that put our West Virginia female athletes in peril by forcing them to compete against much bigger, stronger males if those males simply identified as female or gender fluid.  

Family Policy Council President Allen Whitt said, “The new law prevents any biological male from falsely claiming he is female simply to gain the opportunity to dominate athletic competitions against our middle, high school and college female athletes. The governor did the common sense thing here and signed a law that is wildly popular with both conservative Republicans and traditional Democrats.” 

The Family Policy Council worked very hard behind the scenes with the House sponsors and with the State Senate sponsors. Senators Amy Grady and Patricia Rucker worked together to make the final version much stronger with our model bill. 

The NCAA has feigned threats against any states, (West Virginia makes the seventh to pass similar legislation,) that put protections like the Save Girls Sports Act into law. 

Whitt said, “It’s politically and financially-motivated LGBTQAI activists groups like the NCAA that are part of the problem.”

“They care far more about profit than the safety and fair playing conditions for West Virginia’s female competitors. The NCAA should be ignored, they are not a law-making body. It’s the West Virginia Legislature’s responsibility to protect our citizens from harm. They did that by passing the Save Girls Sports Act and today is a tremendous legislative victory for all female athletes in West Virginia and a victory for sport itself.”

The much-needed bill passed 80-20 in a bipartisan vote in the West Virginia State House. But we are bewildered that five Republican state senators voted against common sense protections for our girls and young women. 

Whitt said, “The bizarre vote by those state senators will be an issue during their next Republican primaries.”


This law protects our high school and college girls from having to compete against transgender males in athletic competitions and share intimate spaces with male teammates.
Contact Governor Jim Justice and thank him for protecting our girls and young women.
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