Dangerous “Sunday School Drunk Driver’s” Bill Passes Senate, Goes to House

Alert! Senate Bill SB426 Modernizing Alcohol Sales – Possible Deadly Outcomes🚨

Call your house delegates and urge them to VOTE NO on SB426 the (Sunday School Drunk Driver’s Bill)

Phone numbers to House Judiciary Members

Phone numbers to House Finance Members

Phone numbers to all House of Delegates Members

If the beer distributors are calling the Family Policy Council in an unusual alliance for help to get SB426 killed in the house, then delegates should listen. We along with major alcohol wholesalers and distributors, never want to see  news headlines like the possible ones below that might be the consequences of this bad bill: 

Don’t Let These Possible News Headlines Become Reality in West Virginia!

Call your Delegates, NO ON SB426

West Virginia Legislators Pass Law Helping Get Brews on Sundays – Drunk Driver Kills a Bunch of Kids Coming Out of Church After Sunday School

 Viewers Caution: Graphic Video

After Alcohol Sales Controls Sneakily Lifted by Lawmakers During Teacher’s Strike, Families Burned Alive in Fiery Crash After Drunk Driver Leaves School Festival


SB426 Modernizing Alcohol Sales, only passed the Senate 17-16, because one Republican Senator was distracted and one was out of his seat! The bill must complete both House Judiciary and House Finance Committees by Wednesday to make it to three floor votes in the house. So there are five more chances to kill it in the house. Call!

Beer distributors, ABCA, Family Policy Council, AA, hundreds of pastors and hundreds of thousands of West Virginians oppose this bill. It was intentionally slipped through the Senate floor vote Monday during the distraction of the teacher’s protest.

Allowing a free-for-all on alcohol sales, even on Sunday mornings and at fairs will negatively impact beer distributors. Imagine the massive PR hit they will take after the first fiery deaths attributed to the (Sunday School Drunk Driver’s Bill.) We at the Family Policy Council are not concerned with the beer distributors viability. But they reached out to us with concerns that this alcohol expansion bill is dangerous. So there you have it, an unlikely alliance with the common goal of protecting the public from a bad piece of legislation.


Call your house delegate immediately and tell them to oppose SB426, the Sunday School Drunk Driver’s Bill. (Its new public name from this point forward FYI)

Ask your pro-business legislators why they care more about some little beer business than they do the lives of our little babies in car seats coming out of church on Sundays. Don’t believe the Family Policy Council and our “narrow, moral short-sightedness,” well then call ABCA or the beer distributors lobby and they will tell you they don’t want this bill either.

Tell your house delegate to vote no on this legislation. It started as a pro-business bill to expand some alcohol-related businesses in the eastern panhandle where Senate Judiciary Chairman, Charlie Trump’s district is. (read the original here.) We are never in favor of expanding alcohol sales but the original bill took a heinous turn when massive substitute language was added by Chairman Trump.

That language (read it here), “hi-jacked,” the bill, not our words, but the beer distributors’ words. It’s now a monster that guts out and re-writes 29 sections of alcohol control code and makes it WAY easier to get alcohol in many ways and in public places.

If SB426 becomes law it will make West Virginia a much more dangerous place to live and that would be a disincentive for people to relocate here. 

Let’s be pro-business but lets be intelligent about it. SB426 is neither.  Vote NO!