Planned Parenthood & Homosexual Activists Welcome Senate President Mitch Carmichael

CHARLESTON, WV – Planned Parenthood joined Fairness West Virginia to welcome Senate President Mitch Carmichael as the Lead Speaker at a rally today in the Capitol rotunda. The gathering focused on promoting homosexual-affirming legislation in West Virginia. The rally also supported bills allowing biological males to enter private spaces reserved for women, like locker rooms and vulnerable places including girls’ school showers.

Carmichael encouraged the crowd of about 150 Planned Parenthood supporters, homosexual rights activists, and Obamacare supporters. Many were thrilled because they have a prominent Republican Senate President as an ally. He had already helped to move their agendas forward in the mountain state last session.

One year ago today, then Senate Majority Leader Mitch Carmichael, led the fight to poison the much-needed Religious Freedom Restoration Bill. 
The RFRA bill would have protected against the activism promoted today and allowed citizens to live free to practice their religious beliefs without fear of punishment by the state.

—Can you believe he would do that!? Read more below but first can you can you stand with us today? Right now? to uphold the traditional marriage plank, private property rights plank and rights of religious conscience plank in Carmichael’s own Republican Party? We don’t really care about political parties but those planks are worth fighting for! Please help us fight this fight. Can you contribute $25, $50, $100 or even $250 today towards our efforts to defend private property rights and rights of religious conscience.? Click here to donate online!  

It’s important to know that several Republican state senators have said that Carmichael told them that he had made a mistake in stopping the religious freedom bill last year. He told them that this session the RFRA bill would indeed run. It’s not clear whether that promise was made in exchange for their caucus vote for his Presidency. Seemingly in line with that promise, and just shortly after he gained the president’s chair by a razor-thin vote of 12-10, he was quoted by the Charleston Gazette, “I’m not going to run the senate like a dictatorship. It’s going to be a democracy.”

He stated that “If a majority of the Republican caucus wants a bill then it will run.” A majority would be just 12 Republican senators. Our senate sources tell us that there are more than 12 senators who are in favor of reintroducing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act this session.

However just two weeks ago Carmichael gave an interview to the same Charleston Gazette where he stated he’s “working very hard to make sure his colleagues in the senate do not take up the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” So which is it? He’s on record saying he will and he won’t.

Perhaps his actions today made that clear.  To speak at a rally where no other Republican even attended speaks volumes. As the first speaker at today’s rally, Carmichael, flanked by pro-civil rights, pro-choice and pro-same-sex-love signs, told the crowd, they were all valuable to the state of West Virginia and they have a legislature that will fight for bills they were rallying for. But Carmichael’s own Republican Party Platform rejects virtually every cause that the rally’s attendees support.

Twenty-something different groups, mostly all aligned with leftist political groups and the Democrat Party, promoted everything from pro-choice bills to pro-Obamacare to environmental protections. But the most heinous bills promoted by the rally’s organizers are HB2650 and SB435.

These bills would prevent parents from having access to professional child-psychologists for their sexually confused children. All licenses would be revoked from psychologist’s and other mental health workers unless they are willing to affirm that homosexual behavior is normative behavior. Any heterosexual-normative statements to a minor during therapy would result in a loss of license to practice.

A Sad Day for Republicans, A Sad Day for West Virginia, A Sad Day for Conservatives to Have the Republican Senate President Abandon His Own Party’s Conservative Platform on These Issues. 
There must be accountability by the Republican Party officials and by the voters in the primary elections just twenty months from this week. And there must be accountability by the clergy in West Virginia to publicly speak out against the open promotion of policies and laws that steal religious freedom and give the state a hammer to pound any people of faith who dare dissent.

(If you think you might be the man or woman to stand for election and challenge any of the legislators who sponsor or support these horrible bills, then contact us. The Family Policy Council and the Family Policy Institute of West Virginia offers free candidate training and advice.)

Or perhaps you’d just like to politely express your disapproval to Senate President Carmichael for speaking at that rally. Equally important, if you’d like to ask the other eleven senators who voted for him as President if they support his actions today then here are their contacts: Let your voice be heard. (304) 357-7801 (304) 357-7867 (304) 357-7807 (304) 357-7918 (304) 357-7901 (304) 357-7849 (304) 357-7902 (304) 357-7831 (304) 357-7995 (304) 357-7843 (304) 357-7980 (304) 357-7984
Salem, OR – Meanwhile today, the Family Policy Council and our allies are having to spend money to clean up the messes that liberal anti-family, anti-faith laws create in other places. Thursday afternoon, March 2, the Oregon Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments in the case of “Sweet Cakes by Melissa,” the storefront bakery in Gresham, Oregon, owned by Melissa and Aaron Klein. Senator Carmichael has Blue-listed some terrible bills this session like the one that that allowed the government to attack Melissa and Aaron. As many as 20 other West Virginia Republicans have signed on to sponsor these bills and most Democrats would also vote for them.

In 2013, Melissa and Aaron politely declined to create a custom-designed cake to celebrate a same-sex wedding ceremony, citing their sincerely held Christian beliefs. As a result:

  • The Oregon government punished them with a $135,000 penalty.
  • The Oregon government issued a gag order against them.
  • Melissa lost a business she dreamed of passing down to her kids.
  • Their personal bank accounts were wiped out.
  • Their property was vandalized.
  • They’ve received death threats.

The Kleins are represented by First Liberty Institute with Attorney Jeremy Dys (Former President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia) and Boyden Gray and Associates. Boyden Gray is a former White House Counsel, U.S. Ambassador, and law clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren. He is one of the most respected legal authorities in the nation.

First Liberty and Gray represent Melissa and Aaron at no charge to them.

The First Liberty-Gray team contends that if the court allows the state’s punishment of the Kleins to stand, the court will be putting a stamp of approval on the idea that the government can force citizens to celebrate causes that violate their conscience.


Allen Whitt
Family Policy Council of West Virginia

P.S. Don’t forget it was only one year ago today, then Senate Majority Leader Mitch Carmichael, led the fight to poison the much-needed Religious Freedom Restoration Bill. Today he went further in the wrong direction. Please help us fight back against this thinking in West Virginia. Can you contribute $25, $50, $100 or even $250 today towards these efforts?
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