Pence Picked for Vice POTUS

The Family Policy Council Strongly Endorses Mike Pence On the Republican Ticket

Its good news for conservatives in general and evangelicals in particular that Donald Trump has selected Mike Pence, the Governor of Indiana, as his running mate.  Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia says, “His selection goes a long-way toward consolidating GOP support for the flawed candidate that is Donald Trump. Thiunnameds VP pick makes a Trump-Pence ticket far more likely to defeat Hillary Clinton in the fall. For the #NeverTrump folks they can stick to their principles and not vote for him and at the same time enthusiastically vote for Pence. As such, his selection shows the Trump campaign’s growing understanding that to win they need conservatives in general and evangelicals in particular.”

Whitt said, “Pence helps for many reasons plus the Governor would make a fine president and is already prepared to lead if he were called on to assume the role of President of the United States.”

Watch a video here of the Indiana Family Policy Council President, Curt Smith discuss his Governor Mike Pence.

 Ways Pence Helps the Trump/Pence 2016 Ticket

Mike Pence Has Our Vote and He Should Have Yours Also
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Whitt also noted, “As you may recall, in 2015 Pence flinched under extreme economic threats from pro-homosexual rights activists and their corporate allies. Signing the so-called “fix” that undermined the much-needed Religious Freedom bill that he had signed only days earlier, Pence’s capitulation disappointed most faith voters but that error should be viewed in context of the data he lacked at the time. The Broadway spectacle of attack he experienced in the days after he signed RFRA was unprecedented.

If we think back onto the reveal scene in the Wizard of Oz,

Dorothy was initially quite frightened by all the smoke and noise bellowing from the scary faux-image of the “Great and Powerful Wizard.” But when Toto pulled back the curtain everyone saw the tiny man pulling some strings to manipulate the citizens of Oz into believing he had destructive power.

Thankfully for Indiana a similar reveal scene happened and it was the official 2015 annual report touting record economic growth in tourism and GDP and that record was set despite the LGBT’s attempts at self-fulfilling threats of doom. Eventually the cacophony of media-enhanced, astro-turf shrill dissipated under the weight of facts. But well before that report many of the state’s legislative Munchkins had been convinced that there were actual flying economic monkeys descending on Indiana to steal Hoosier tourism.  Those fear-addled legislators pressured him into signing a bad exemption to a good law. If Governor Pence could have accessed that future revenue data in the midst of the frightening economic light show, then the general consensus among those that know him is that he would have left all of the protections of the religious freedom bill intact.

In 2016, with that new data he again showed his strong commitment to religious freedom by promising a veto of any bill that would undermine religious freedom. His strong stance ended legislation written by those same activists and intended for the harm of people of faith. Governor Mike Pence has a lifetime record of defending religious freedom that remains intact despite that lone 2015 scene.