Morrisey Sues Obama To Protect Student’s Privacy



The Family Policy Council of West Virginia is proud that our state joined a new lawsuit filed by Texas against the Obama Administration and its Department of Justice. With it’s release of “guidelines” on Title IX, the Administration has proven it will stop at nothing to push its agenda — even if it means sacrificing the privacy and safety of the nation’s children. Elected officials in Texas, Alabama, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Tennessee, Arizona, Maine, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Utah all stepped up today to protect kids in their states.

Allen Whitt, President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia applauds Attorney General Patrick Morrisey for repeatedly being a defender of the mountain state’s most precious resources, our women and children. By joining with officials from 10 states to sue the DOJ our attorney general is sending a strong message that mountaineers will always be free from federal bullying. Not just on economic and environmental overreach but we will defend our freedom against federal social policy overreach as well.

Whitt says, “It seems that same-sex marriage wasn’t enough social deconstruction for one presidency. Now President Obama wants your daughter to have to room with a biological male when she goes away for her freshman year at WVU or Marshall. His edict would see her kicked out of school if she refused that roommate assignment. The President’s policy if adopted by school boards would force your daughter into the same showering rooms as any male student who even for a day, say’s he identifies as female or transgender. This lawsuit joined by Attorney General Morrisey seeks to halt that redefinition of privacy and restore common sense safety on this issue.”

Whitt issued this caution towards West Virginia’s current school board members. “Any county school board that pushes forward in adopting the President’s politically motivated and dangerous policy suggestions, especially during the midst of this current litigation, should be seen as activists for a selfish political agenda and no longer as trusted administrators of public school funds. Accordingly then they should be removed by the voters or their power redistributed by the legislature for intentionally disregarding student safety.”

The Family Policy Council of West Virginia and the national Family Policy Alliance have been working to tell the stories of women who have been victims of transgender policies in the very places affected by Obama’s decree – bathrooms, locker rooms and showers. Kate is one of those women.

“Nobody asked me first,” Kate said. “I felt completely violated. I left there shaking because I felt, ‘No one is looking out for me.’ There are no safeguards in place whatsoever. There’s no reassurance that somebody can’t legally come in with harmful intentions.”

“This is confirmation,” said Autumn Leva, policy director for the Family Policy Alliance, a national group working with 40 state-based family policy groups. “that lawmakers and elected officials are listening to the people in their states – people who are concerned about an administration that would place an agenda over the best interests of children.”


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