PBS News Host Agrees on Religious Freedom Bill Explanation

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February 15, 2016 Charleston, WV
When discussing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act with Family Policy Council President Allen Whitt and a lobbyist from one of the anti-freedom groups, host Ashton Marra stated that she understood the bill the way House Judiciary Chair John Shott explained the bill. That it simply set up a balancing test for judges.

Watch the 7:29-minute segment from the show here on Youtube: (fast forward to 8:08-15:55)

President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia, Allen Whitt, said,
“The Religious Freedom Restoration bill actually simply creates a fair balancing test which provides a framework for a court to resolve a dispute in the future should one arise.” 
PBS Host Ashton Marra agreed with that explanation of what the bill actually does and doesn’t do when she stated,
So my understanding of the bill is just that! We see (House Judiciary Committee Chaiman) Delegate “John” Shott explain this on the floor. And we’ve seen him explain it a couple of times. That it sets up a judicial test for when state level, city “or” county governments infringe on somebody’s religious freedoms.”

<Watch Delegate John Shott’s 20-minute explanation of the bill on the House floor HERE: Bill explanation begins at (39:45 to 1:02:12) also watch his closing remarks from (2:35:45 to 2:52:4)  This segment ends with the bill’s remarkable live vote and passage 72-26.>

PBS Host Ashton Mara went on to ask President Whitt why conversations about this bill would then go wider to issues like discrimination?
Whitt responded that on it’s merits the bill will pass overwhelmingly like it did in the House with 72 votes, unless there is continued misinformation and fear mongering by opposing lobbying groups.
Those social-change activist groups are cloaking themselves with the voices of a handful of sympathetic social-change-orientated business leaders. However it’s widely accepted, that the majority of bi-partisian West Virginia’s voters are strongly in favor of the senate making this bill law.

We are asking that you continue to pray for them and then let them know HB4012 must pass to protect all West Virginians. Email your senators tonight by writing a short, polite Yes on Religious Freedom headline. But tomorrow they need to get a bunch of calls. HERE’s the whole phone list of senators.