National Religious Freedom Hero Barronelle Stuzman Set to Headline Religious Freedom Rally


National Religious Freedom Hero Barronelle Stuzman Set to Headline

Religious Freedom Rally

Next Thursday January 28th 2:00-3:30

Because of her religious beliefs Mrs. Stutzman, a 72 yr-old grandmother and owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, Washington, fears she may have her home and everything she’s worked for taken from her as unjust punishment. After years of employing and serving all types of employees and customers, Barronelle was sued by her good friend and long-time customer Rob. Come hear her story Thursday.

President Bill Clinton and Congress signed a law in 1993 protecting us against unjust Federal punishment because of the exercise of our religious beliefs. Now it’s time our legislators protect us against unjust state punishment.

Click Here and Here to understand how this law protects.

In Barronelle’s case her state government ruled that she doesn’t have the right to exercise her First Amendment religious beliefs. Neither Barronelle nor any person of faith should have to live in fear of unjust punishment by the West Virginia state government because we want to exercise our religious beliefs!

Stand for Religious Freedom Rally will be on the rear capitol steps rain or shine. All faiths are expected. Pastors, priests and school students from as far away as the eastern panhandle have committed to come rally for our religious freedom. Several members of our state house and senate are not yet convinced that we need this protection in West Virginia. (Watch for a follow-up email with a list of which legislators need convincing)

SNOW DAYS: WV kids just got robbed of the two best school snow days ever. So pull them out Thursday and come join thousands to support the Restoration of Religious Freedom Act.

Details; printable handouts, parking, drop-off areas and what to expect are regularly being updated at

We need any pastors, lay leaders and Christian business people who can be available to speak on behalf of the need for religious freedom at the capitol. You’ll need to be there early.

Contact us at or call our office at 304-756-8567 x 107. We will need to give you concise messaging points to add to your two minute speech.

Thank those of you that have lent a little help with expenses for this HUGE event. Can others help us too? with a small donation HERE.