2020 Candidate Survey

The Family Policy Council of West Virginia promotes laws and lawmakers that boldly promote faith, family and individual freedom. Endorsed incumbents have never sponsored any MUST NOT PASS bill. MUST NOT PASS bills restrict, free speech, trample on religious freedom, erode parental rights, redefine marriage, promote abortion and ignore biological science that there are only two human sexes and acknowledge infinite self-identified genders. New candidates must score 100% on our Candidate Survey to be endorsed. Any candidate that lies on the survey to obtain our endorsement and then sponsors MUST NOT PASS bills, or votes for them, will have that deception communicated to voters in this guide. And then the Family Policy Council will campaign against their re-election.

Alert:  Republican House Delegate Josh Higginbotham and Republican Senator Mike Maroney have deceived us on previous surveys and should not be re-elected.

2020 Primary Candidate Survey

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