We Scored a Protective Victory With 2018’s Amendment #1 For Women and Baby Girls, Now We Need Help With A New Threat Against Them

In 2018 we fought for and won Amendment #1 on the ballot. That pro-life victory will defend new baby girls and their moms. But there is a new dangerous threat to their safety in West Virginia. We need your help to keep them safe. www.FamilyPolicyWV.com/Donate.

We Need Help With A New Threat

We know you are the kind of person who is concerned about family values and the threats to our God-honoring way of life in West Virginia. And we know you have gotten a ton of emails from various good charities this week.

But we have just learned some troubling news about the new legislative session starting in a few days in Charleston.

A dangerous new bill will be introduced that will endanger all women and girls in West Virginia. If it passes and becomes a new statewide law, it will require that males be allowed access to ladies’ rooms, work changing areas and showers, even at battered women’s shelters!

The Family Policy Council can do the lobbying for you at the Capitol. But we need your year-end donation to put the right advocates in place.

Why does this keep happening over and over?

It’s because in the 2016 presidential election, President Trump carried West Virginia by a wider margin over Hillary Clinton, than any other state. That beguiled a half-dozen, pro-LGBT billionaire activists living out west.

They all reject the predominant Judeo-Christian belief that humans are created beings. And they reject the obvious reality that we are all created either male or female.

It angers them that West Virginia would vote for anyone that boldly continues to speak truth; that the two sexes are created exclusively for one another.

So those angry billionaires planned retribution against the Mountain State with a tsunami of their money. “We will punish Christians,” for supporting the President. We will go into the heart of Trump country and fund local and state policy efforts that attack religious freedom and dignity.

The Family Policy Council is the only watchdog group that defends Faith, Family and Freedom in our state. We have been fighting these west coast billionaires and the local activists they are funding.

But we are just a small faith-based charity. We are not billionaires and that puts us at a disadvantage.

Our financial support comes exclusively from brave, faithful Mountaineers and we need a few more. Of course your financial gift will help us fight for you when you give any day of the year. But if you give to our Institute today then you get the tax benefit for 2018.

The new law they are pushing, would force all business owners in West Virginia no matter where you live, to allow biological males into ladies’ rooms, gym showers, and changing rooms, even at work.

We have defeated some of these at the local city level. But as we suspected, these activists have gained a powerful ally in Governor Justice’s office. The Governor is rarely at the capitol, so he has little awareness of this effort right in his own office. But this threat is dangerous.

All that may stop this bill is carefully invested donations, so that we may lobby the faithful men and women who are our conservative allies in the House of Delegates.

The Family Policy Council is the only fighter you have in West Virginia, defending your First Amendment right of religious expression. We fight for churches and for the rights of individual business owners.

It must remain legal to openly oppose this proposed law or similar city ordinances. They are always violations of our conscience. These are always violations of common sense. And for women and girls, these are always a violation of their safety and dignity.

We can defeat this new threat in 2019 but only with your donations to help us. 

Any dollar amount will help before midnight 2018. If your gift is sent online tomorrow or anytime later then your tax credit will be for 2019.


Allen Whitt
Family Policy Council of West Virginia

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