2014 Capitol Update – Day Twenty-Nine: End E.H.N.D.A.

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For this update we’re going get right to business because yesterday the Charleston Gazette publicized what we here at The Family Policy Council feared might happen this session.

Two days ago, the worst type of legislation for the faith community was introduced by Senate President Jeff Kessler.

Listen carefully, Senate Bill 472 is a religious-rights destroying bill. It’s politely named the Employment and Housing Non-Discrimination Act, known by its initials as E.H.N.D.A. This is the third or fourth time that this type of gay activist legislation has been pushed by the Democratic leadership.

Senate Bill 472, The Employment and Housing Non-discrimination Act would make it a crime to consider someone’s sexual orientation when making a hiring decision for your company or when choosing a renter or real estate buyer.  We will explain more of the negative ramifications of SB472 in additional updates but here is one simple example:

Let’s say you and your spouse have a little garage apartment out in back of your house where a family member used to live. You decide to rent it out to build a college fund for your 6-year-old daughter who spends most of her time on the swing-set in the back yard beside the apartment.
You put an ad in the paper and get three applicants. The first is a couple of 19-year-old straight guys who openly tell you they’re in a band and ask if it’d be ok have the guys over to watch porn. You politely tell them no, we refuse to rent to you based on your orientation towards sexual behavior.
A second reply is a heterosexual married couple that openly tells you they’re swingers and ask you if it’s ok have the “guys” over “to party”. You politely tell them no, we refuse to rent to you based on your orientation towards deviant sexual behavior.

Most citizens of West Virginia would applaud you for denying those renters and protecting your daughter from possibly being exposed to something unseemly on your own property.

However, the third reply to your ad is two openly gay males who ask you if it’s ok to have the “guys” over sometimes to “party”. You politely tell them no, we refuse to rent to you based on your orientation towards deviant sexual behavior.

If Senate Bill 472 becomes law, you’ve just committed a crime by using sexual orientation as consideration for your denial of the gay applicants.

E.H.N.D.A. will give special protections to that specific population. This legislation strips the rights of the faithful to be able to act on their religious conviction even on their own property. So much for the freedom of religion in West Virginia if this passes.

A Senator told us yesterday that he was confident this bill would pass out of the Senate. Listed in the video, and below are the Senator’s emails and phone numbers so you can contact them.

Senate Jud 1 Senate Jud 2 Senate Jud 3 Senate Jud 4 Senate Jud 5 Senate Jud 6 Senate Jud 7 Senate Jud 8 Senate Jud 9


We are getting resistance from some Republican and most all of the Democratic Senators when asked to vote down this terrible legislation. It’s in the Senate Judiciary Committee right now and we need you to act. It may even be voted on in committee this week.

Be polite when you call but be clear that you want the Senators to vote NO on Senate Bill 472, The Employment and Housing Non-Discrimination Act.

Forward the link to this update to everyone you know including your pastor and ask them to call also. Trust us when we say, this bill must be defeated.

Check back with us online for more consequences of this bill and find out how you can help choose the laws that will and won’t govern your family.



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