2:00-3:30 Thursday West Virginia Religious Freedom Rally


Come Early to Ride Shuttle or Use Drop-off Circle by Cultural Center
Program Starts 2:00– p.m.

Public Hearing on HB4012 Starts at 9:30 You Can Watch the Public Hearing Online HERE!

The rally is on the steps of the capitol opposite side from the river, by the fountain.

Come support the West Virginia Religious Freedom Restoration Act Yes on HB4012!
Come hear featured speaker Barronelle Stuzman share her story of unjust government punishment simply because of her beliefs.

Big Change in Traffic Pattern for Drop-off’s & Parking & Shuttle Service

Because of the expected attendance those coming to the event need to make note of these traffic changes at the capitol. View and Print a Map of the Capitol complex HERE. The rally begins promptly at 2:00 p.m. and it may take half an hour to park, drop off, unload, ride a shuttle and/or park so come early. A big change is the brand new bus and van drop off circle just off Greenbriar St. beside the West Virginia Cultural Center. All day shuttle service is provided between the Capitol Complex and the Laidley Field parking area.

Click Here and Here to understand how the new RFRA law would protect us.

President Bill Clinton and Congress signed a similar law in 1993 protecting us against unjust Federal punishment for exercising our religious beliefs. Twenty-one states have their own law. Now it’s time our West Virginia legislators protect us against unjust statepunishment.