Status of Current Bills

Status of Current Bills


Senate Joint Resolution SJR13

A Bill to defend women, girls and the unborn by eliminating local municipalities’ ability to add new protected classes of citizens. It also defines life from conception to grave as having equal protection. Follow progress HERE:



The West Virginia Religious Freedom Freedom Restoration Act

HB4012 official progress can be followed at the capitol legislative site: Click here:


See Below There Are 10 More Voting Hurdles Required for

HB4012 to Become Law in West Virginia


Vote #1: House Judiciary Committee Vote February 3, 2016 Results: Passed 16-9


Democrats: Marcum, Shaffer Republicans: Shott, Lane, Ireland, Sebonya, Overington, Foster, Summers, Deem, Azinger, Fast, Folk, Hanshaw, Kessinger, Zatezalo
Republicans: McCuskey, Weld Democrats: Manchin, Skinner, Moore, Byrd, Fleischauer, Fluharty, Rowe


**Passed Bill Has Transferred to the Full House of Delegates Floor for Consideration**

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Vote #2: House of Delegates First Reading To Be Scheduled:



We have just learned that opponents of HB4012 have begun floating the lie that the bill will allow Sharia Law. Let us be very clear. We live under the protection U.S. law and U.S. law only and nothing can change that.

It is critical to be informed and inform everyone you know that malicious lies like that one have been used all over the country to try and defeat religious freedom restoration bills. Unfortunately a million dollar radio campaign in North Dakota last year claiming RFRA would allow Sharia law confused enough of the faithful that the statewide ballot initiative failed by just one percentage point. Educate yourself. Speak truth. And call out lies when you hear them and report them to us please.

Tonight write your own email to the whole WV House or choose one of the following examples. Then tomorrow choose another. Monday choose another. You can email them each day until we have victory. Let them know you want RFRA protections for your family and business. Let us be clear West Virginians, you are the archers for religious freedom and these emails and calls are your arrows of truth. Fire away!


Email Option Day #1:

Dear¬†Delegate, Please investigate the truth of HB4012 by speaking with House judiciary legal staff and the chairman.¬†There’s a good reason the committee passed it 16-9. ¬†Have you heard what young,¬†faithful¬†entrepreneurs¬†from Kentucky & Virginia are saying about WV?¬†“It’s too risky to come to West Virginia to start a business after college without RFRA protection.”¬†Both of their commonwealths are already protected in law. So for now¬†it’s just a better business decision to stay across the state line till legislators make the mountain state more welcoming to young people of faith. Which by the way are 71% of young¬†entrepreneurs¬†in our region. Are you with us?


Email OptionDay #2:

Dear¬†Delegate, The West Virginia RFRA bill is just one of 27 religious freedom bills being considered across the nation. Please do your part to make sure West Virginia isn’t left unprotected.¬†Every voice should be heard and HB4012 allows everyone to be heard.¬†Please ignore the misinformation and false accusations against a common-sense protection and restore religious freedom to West Virginia. Right now the scales are unjustly weighted towards the government. This bill¬†restores¬†a fair¬†balancing¬†test and protects citizens against government violations of our First Amendment rights of free¬†speech. Please Vote Yes on HB4012.


Email Option Day #3:

Dear¬†Delegate, Please ask yourself, how could 21 states and the Federal government have a law that allows people to be mistreated? Of course they couldn’t or wouldn’t.¬†RFRA is good protection for all citizens. It¬†just restores a fair balancing test to resolve disputes.¬†It can’t be used by an employee to sue her employer or to deny people a plate of biscuits and gravy.¬†It just allows a fair hearing for everyone. Who can vote against a fair hearing for all sides? Promote more fairness and more freedom in West Virginia by voting yes please.


Here’s a link to the¬†House delegates¬†phone list to Call them. Click HERE


But Here’s 3¬†Easy Steps to EMAIL all of the House Members at Once


¬†1. You’ll need to send three separate emails¬†so it doesn’t clog your computer.

2. Write your Vote Yes on HB4012 email, then put YOUR personal email address in the TO: field.

3. Then paste one batch of addresses into the BCC field, review, pray and hit SEND.

4. Repeat twice more.


¬†Here’s your¬†copy and paste list of every House Delegate’s email in three batches:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Vote #3: House Floor Debate & Second Reading Results:

Vote #4: House Floor Third Reading Results:

**Passed Bill Transfers to Senate Judiciary Committee for Consideration**

Vote #5: Senate Judiciary Committee Vote Results:

**Passed Bill Transfers to Full Senate Floor for Consideration**


Vote #6: Senate Floor First Reading Results:

Vote #7: Senate Floor Debate Second Reading Results:

Vote #8: Senate Floor Vote Third Reading Results:

**Passed Bill Transfers to¬†Governor’s Desk for Consideration**

Vote #9:¬†If Governor Tomblin Signs HB4012 Then¬†Bill Becomes Law on It’s Effective Date

**If Governor Tomblin Vetoes the Bill…Vetoed Bill Is Passed Back to Senate**


Vote #10: Final Senate Floor Vote to Override the Veto Results:

**Passed Bill Is Transferred Back to House**


Vote #11: Final House Floor Vote to Override the Veto Results:

Passed Bill in Both Houses Overrides the Governor’s Veto & Becomes Law on It’s Effective Date



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